Tuesday, February 05, 2008




  1. What is the end? I hope you don't mean your life!!

  2. Very unsettling.

    If you are throwing in the towel where blogging is concerned, that's one thing, but since you're bipolar, those of us who share the disorder know the extremes to which it can lead.

    Please at least let us know (non-cryptically) that you're safe.

  3. Are you still doing the liver detox? What you described concerned me when you shared it. Are you certain it's not having affecting your electrolytes, meds, mood, etc?

    You do not sound yourself at all.

  4. Extremes are the forte of the BiPolar person.

    Deleted this morning's post and provided a short conclusion to everything.

    If you look at all that has gone before, you will realise that YOU CONNECTED with EVERYONE.

    Take a blog break and never say never again.

  5. Hey Chris, well I am sticking around here. Get back onto your horse, boet.

    For what it's worth I have found the past few months very heavy going. Possibly the worst to date.

    Next quarter is a make or break period for me, financially.

    One of the old Corp. here had a motto " I fear naught but God "

    Taking a feather out of their caps, I take my next step forward.

    Cheers V.

  6. Whats the problem? First I see fuck you all and then "the end". How bout telling us what we did? I personally would like to know what I did to so badly offend you? IF you dont want to post it perhaps you could email me personally. wiccette@msn.com

  7. Keep steady now C. It improves once you reach this point.

    Thinking of you.

  8. Hey dude, you all right? Starting to freak us our here.

  9. 2/5/8, eh?

    that would be very ironic, neh?

    people will say it was z-dawg's youtube that threw you over the top.

    oh, z infamy!-)

  10. Man, you can't quit. I just found this place!

  11. I thought the same, then I happened upon your site. I hope all is well...

  12. please be okay
    i found your blog within the last month....and i read you every day
    aha someone like me ... i relate more to your blog than anywhere else i've found in the bipolar cyberscene.
    if you come back i'm gonna celebrate by becoming a blogger myself.

  13. dear peoploids,

    please relax. he is my pupil.

    he'll always be okay.

    can't guarantee whether in the wxrld or wyrld, but most definitely OK.

    oh, i moved the vid, it's here now.

  14. Come back Chris!

  15. come back!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think you need to come back now. Even if you only post "i'm ok".

    All your friends are worried about you.

  17. don't come back until you're off lamictal! or i will come down there & do you in with my own 2 lita hand:z

  18. Dude, time to return.

    If you were able to take the time to write 'fuck you all', i'm sure you can find 30 seconds to write 'i'm ok'.

  19. This is pretty fucked up. People CARE about you here. IF anybody has his number please call him and post here...........


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