Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fluoxotine and Fluanxol

How's this for a quirk? I start my day with 3 medications:

  • Fluanxol - to thwart "YeeHaaa!',
  • Fluoxotine (alias Prozac) - to thwart "Got-a-Gun?",
  • and Lamactin to try spend more time in "Halfway House"

So the Fluanxol and Fluoxotine are the upper and lower Guardians of extreme FLUX.

FLUanXol, FLUoXotine. Get it?

Or how about this one: In 1992 I wind up in a psychiatric ward convinced that I am the third Messiah ( the Second Messiah having arrived in 1984 when I was hospitalised the first time).

So they hospitalise me because I'm O.T.T. (Over the Top)

After a week when I am despatched in a drugged haze they give me T.T.O's (Tablet's to Take Out) (no, I'm not making this term up - this is regular hospital jargon).

And my best friend in the ward for the week was none other than Mr. OTTO!!

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