Wednesday, October 26, 2005

BiPolar and Proud of it

I've gotten all charged up over the past 48 hours discovering all of these incredible communities of BiPolar people out there. And I'm picking up a synchronistic stirring wherever I look that BiPolars have had enough of being marginalised/stigmatised/demonised etc. etc. This is a groundswell and it's building fast. Sane people of the world watch out! We're coming.

Some of the things I said yesterday were said in a spirit of jest - but I'm serious. We need to get ourselves organised, recognised and respected. Collectively we've got a huge pool of talent. OK, we might not be as clockwork reliable as the rest of the tick tocks, but we more than make up for it with our flashes of passion and brilliance. Take a look at history - our club would have had some of the greatest artists, philosophers, poets and scientists of all time.

Maybe its time for us to start producing "BiPolar and Proud of it!" T-shirts, stickers, caps. Any other ideas out there?

I've been at the wrong end of many bipolar discriminations in my time. Medication forced into me against my will. Psychiatrist refusing to give me my files. A nasty custody courtcase where my mental history was dug up and thrown around to try and paint me as a villain. Medical Aids that don't cover chronic BiPolar medication because they're arguing about treatment algorithms.
So forgive me if I can really associate with this cause. Causes feel good. They give your life meaning. As Nietzsche said: "If you've got a why, you can endure any how".

You might have noticed that I'm on the top end of "In-the-Pink" today. But that's OK. I'm excited. We're all allowed to get excited, even us BiPolar dudes.


  1. Count me in. Within the last week I have found so many folks online and get more support from other BP sufferers than I ever could from the sane folks around me.

  2. Hello and Howzit,
    Hope ye keeping ok.
    My name is Henry from the Midlands in Natal.
    Would like to share some of my takes on being Bi-polar,as well.
    033 2632226,email;
    Also suffer from some kind of acute disorder....tipe of dilex..cant spell...or use the langues ..most of the time
    But as Bob Dylan says"I can handle ...whatever..
    Most of the times..."
    I had to see my shrink so many times...that I decided to propose marriage and we have been married for 11 years now.
    Yes we have to unite and get ourselfs orginized.
    I am on Risperdal(for about the last 8 months) It has got some merrit.However...Dont use some other depressants together with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!It nearly killed me.Welbruterin..IT`S A BAD DRUG!!!Should be band...window to evil stuffs..Feeling of Total absence....almost like you are in the 3`rd person all of the time.
    Stopped using it(Welbruterin)about 2 weeks ago.Much better.
    I wih these pilldoctors Listen to us a bit,much..more carefully.I went to her to get something to take away the feelling of Absance ....Not to Enhance it..They listen with "money eyes" to our brieve spells with them!
    Check my blogspot;hobouwer if you feel so enclined

  3. h.o.,
    I'm on Wellbutrin and I like it a lot. I'm sorry that you had problems with it : (

    And as for Bipolar T-shirts, I don't think I am ready for that. haha.
    I get enough funny looks as it is.


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