Saturday, October 22, 2005

Comic Relief

We have some damn fine cartoonists down here on the southern tip of Africa, and Zapiro is my favourite. Usually he dwells on the local political shambles, but this one has international appeal:

Tired today. Really threw myself into my business this week and the minute you stop, you can hear the black dogs of depression barking in the distance. When you're totally focused on other stuff their barks tend to dissapear. But maybe I'll hold them off a while longer...


Feeling a bit guilty about the earlier post. I most definitely should not be associating dogs with depression. It's an expression I got from the former Professor of English Literature that wrote the foreword to my book (see here).

So, to clear things up - here are my dogs, Socrates (black chap) and Scallywag (little shit). And they give me LOADSA happiness:

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