Friday, October 14, 2005

A Flash of Manic Inspiration

It happened 2 days ago. This sudden brilliant flash.

Not sure how it came about, but, if I get the insight out to enough people I could generate a lot of hype and hopefully exposure for this blog and/or www.theWORDproject.

It's to do with noticing something quite significant that nobody else in the world seems to have noticed. (this statment is qualified - I've scoured the web for about 3 hours to make sure there's no talk of what I've seen anywhere on the planet).

Its just a little quirk. A coincidence. But it has very sinister implications. Quite strange that BiPolar Guy would pick up on it and nobody else. But then, I AM an obssesive word-manipulator, and word manipulation is what got me there.

I'm not telling what the thing is. I need to plan my whole approach. How am I going to get the message out? Once the message is out, how do I protect my credit for it? I've registered a very relevant dot com name. That's a start. Maybe I could auction it if the furore was big enough.

Could this be my Big Break? Or is it just a moment of mania, a horrible flirt with Delusions of Grandeur? Let's get straight about one thing - I am not presently manic, or anywhere near that territory. I'm just incredibly excited about this coincidence. Agreed, the whole thing might flop, but its certainly worth investing a day's time in it. I must put aside a day next week sometime to plan the media blitz. And hey, this blog will be one of the first places you'll see it. I might refer to this project in the next few days, so I'm going to name it "Project DOG".

Have a coool Friday night!

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