Monday, October 24, 2005

When Mania Sneeks Up On You

Posted by email (an experiment)

In case you're wondering - Project DOG is not going to happen this week. The main reason? is presently in transit. The previous host was being rather inhospitable with much more server downtime than acceptable, so is migrating to a new home.

Also: BiPolar Guy is attending a 2 day venture capital seminar this week, in the remote hope that the capitalists might fund one of YeeeHaaa's revolutionary business ideas. So it's going to be a busy week.

Admittedly also, the earth-shattering aura that surrounded the whole project has been partly relegated to a definite flight of mania. But I'm not backing out totally - I'll still launch it next week, only this time I won't be expecting to make the cover of Time Magazine. Or any magazine for that matter.

That's the strange thing about mania. It sneaks up on you and is very difficult to recognise. "Got-a-gun?" and "Pretty Shitty" are impossible to miss. You know straight away when you're depressed. But "YeeeHaaa!" is a devious dude. And when you're unaware of his presence he is at his most dangerous. You believe you are invincible, a genius, a ground-breaking pioneer. You forget that in actuality you are a disabled person, temporarily going through a brain chemical imbalance.

There is one very important proviso here though: Going through a temporary chemical imbalance of mania might not mean that you are a ground-breaking pioneer genius. But this doesn't conclusively prove that ground-breaking genius pioneers cannot suffer from mania...



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  3. It is important to note that while Rhodiola rosea is INDEED a fantastic herbal therapy for most people, it should never be taken by a person who is bipolar. That's the only contraindication on this herb.

  4. Just a quick expansion on Dave's comment: Rhodiola has the potential to thrust you right into mania, which may be fun and all, but probably not beneficial...

  5. My doctor just suggested that I take Rhodiola. I am bipolar and currently taking lamictal...why do you think this herb will cause Mania????

    1. Just wondering how you are going. I also take Lamictal and my health food shop iridologist suggested I take Rhodiola. She didn't know about the Lamictal.After taking Rhodiola for only a week I feel absolutely fantastic - happy and energetic - maybe a bit too much??? I'd appreciate any comments you have.

  6. Thanks Dave and kit-em-kat... I didn't want to take pharmaceutical anti-depressants to fight my down phase, so I thought I'd find something natural. A combo of Rhodiola and Holy Basil worked in about 2 days... but I kept going up and up and up!!! ...wondering which of those two was doing it. In short, they are effective little plants, but I'll kick the Rhodiola now that I'm out of the slump.


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