Friday, October 28, 2005

Wonder drug

Now that all the rants are out the way...

Actually, I shouldn't be so harsh on psychiatrists. The Lamactin (Lamactil for you guys in the US) my current psychiatrist put me on last November has changed my life. I cannot believe how well I've been this month. (Note from psychiatrist - "not too well I hope")

(by the way: please be sure to participate in the Lamictal poll at the bottom of this page (after this post))

Maybe this is how spring is meant to be. Has meant to have been all along. If only I had taken my shit-tinted glasses off...

Don't get me wrong - I know there are plenty more downs awaiting me on my path. That is preordained in my DNA. (stick with this blog and you'll see what I mean). But the good periods are getting better and longer. If only I'd been put on this wonder drug 15 years ago...

When I think back to November 2 years ago: the engine was sputtering, finally stalled and BiPolar Guy ground down to a standstill. No hope. Desperation. A stifling black prison with no chance of parole. At the time I tried to pin it on my philosophy studies. The nihilism of Postmodernism. The existential angst of Sartre. Then I tried to pin it on my bleak financial outlook. I went through a marxist phase, decrying the cruelty of the Capitalist dog-eat-dog system. I even started doubting my relationship. Maybe she wasn't right for me. I mean shit, something's got to be wrong.

Sure there was something wrong: the chemicals in my brain. No Marxism, new girlfiend, or feel-good philosophy was ever going to heal that.

Enter Lamactin/Lamactil. BiPolar people - if you're on medication that is working for you - that is cool. But if you're still experimenting, flitting from one cocktail to the next, trying to pin your woes on the external world - TRY LAMACTIN. Sure it's not going to work for everyone. But take it from me - it's worth the try.


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  2. You're about the 4th person who swears by Lamictal. I tried it back in 2000 & had adverse reaction to it. It made me want to chew on flesh, not in a good way.

    I think as we finally find meds that work for us, our dark times do get less & less. I'm glad you're feeling better than a few months back. Progress is progress!

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  4. Hey Jane

    You mean there's a good way to chew flesh??

    Seriously though - I'm sorry Lamactil didn't work for you, and you're right - we've all got to find the ones that work for us individually. And when they do it's like escaping hell...

  5. I have not heard of this drug Lamictal is it a mood stablizer or anti-depressant? I really enjoy how frank you are. I think it is hard to do that.

  6. Lamictal is awesome. It has saved me so far. That's not to say that I haven't had manic or major depressive episodes, I have. It's just not as eztreme now...

  7. Kathy: Lamactil started out it's life as an anti-convulsive used for epileptics. Then somehow they recently discovered that it worked wonders with BiPolars. It is predominantly a mood-stabilizer but seems to work better where there is far more depression than mania. Needs to be taken under supervision though as it can have very adverse initial reactions (rashes etc.)I like you blog, keep them chirping...

  8. I know I am way behind on this one, but I am on Lamictal and love it. I used to be on 1500 mg.s of Depakot and .1 resperdil... I weighed almost 200 pounds at 5'4" tall. I wasn't depressed but I couldn't breath.. Since the lamictal, I have lost 45 pounds and can breath.. I am not a zombie... But I think I need a higher dose.

    It is a good drug.

  9. Anonymous16 July, 2006

    I am new to this game of medication. I cannot tell a good drug from a bad one. I am on Lamictal, just off of Lithum. They both make me pee like crazy. I am not good at being BiPolar yet. I am told I will be back to normal, but it seem I will always have to deal with extremes. Yet I cannot tell a manic day from just a good day. I think I am leveling out.

  10. Anonymous16 July, 2006

    PS. I'm on Fish Oil. I was told it would help in the long run, but would not be as helpful as the drugs.

  11. Hi all,

    Just scanned this blog and want to give a link

    been on it a month, wish I had heard about it sooner.


  12. We need to remember that our bodies are different, that Jane's bad reaction is the real thing and to respect her body chemistry as her psychiatrist surely does!

    As for the person promoting herbal remedies, I have this to say (aside from noting the traditional gutlessness): when you can control the potency of the dose and show me through reputable double blind studies that your cures work, my psychiatrist and I will be willing to consider your amateur pharmacological advice. Hell, I'm not anti-herbal: ginger has been shown to reduce nausea by such studies. It's not good for the team if you can't produce similar studies for your favorite brew.

  13. Anonymous28 May, 2007

    I was on Lithium for close to 10 years with ups and downs but basically stable. I always felt extremely warm - then to finally find out from the happy chemistry chart that Lithium is the most Heat-Conductive Element on the planet! Anyway, I am now on Lamictal (sister is a Psychiatrist)
    besides having to be initially watchful (slight chance for life threatening skin rash) with slowly increasing dosages, I find that I have a clarity with Lamictal I did not have with Lithium. I very seldom have the 3-4day deep lows anymore, and don't ever want those again! Also, I don't have to get pricked/blood tested for Lith levels every 3 months (hassle!)

    Lamictal is used for seizures, but my Doctor (sis) says that it is primarily used as an antidepressant, with no real denial of hypomania (which I personally enjoy because it is not manifested for me in a dangerous way.) The best indicator is that a 3rd party (my family) knows I am healthier. NOTE: I did just lose my health coverage, so my monthly expense went from a 10 dollar copay to 170 dollars (US)!!! Yikes!! I better get a better job!
    Hope this helps,

    "I like my self therapy of 'COFFEE with COMEDY' BEST!!(David Letterman-T-VO)

    Check out my WEB Art on:

    Hope it makes you know that "No matter how hard it gets, there is an Almighty, Benevolent, Living Creator/Genius who Loves you First!" Peace


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