Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hey, this is the first time I've hit a YeeHaa! since the beginning of this blog!!
Psychiatrists - DON'T PANIC - its just a touch of Hypomania, miles away from full-blown mania, and even further from Psychosis, and as for Hospitalisation - You Wish!

Its 4am here in Cape Town and I can't sleep. Too much energy. Too many ideas screaming around my head. Good ideas. Business ideas. If I could just implement half of them over the next 2 weeks things would take off.

It started yesterday, the third In-the-Pink day in a row, and just getting better and better. The best way to tell when Hypomania is approaching is the rate of idea-flow. And I keep an accurate record of this through my digital dictaphone which never leaves my person.

I've been using the dictaphone for 10 years now. I'm a fairly absent-minded guy with LOADS of ideas in my head (not a philosophy graduate for nothing!) So back when I used to spend most of my day in the car screaming around to various clients, the dictaphone idea was born. Scraps of paper at traffic lights was not working. And keeping the ideas in my head until I got back to the office was disastrous. Hence the dictaphone.

It works great. And its a handy way to measure your moods. "Got-a-gun" doesn't even bother whith recording ideas. "In-the-Pink", however lives on it. I've presently got 32 ideas stored from yesterday. I'll type them into my Organising software this morning ( rank them, diarise them, categorise them... you get the picture).

Problem is the TO DO list explodes at these times and puts huge pressure on "Pretty-Shitty" to keep up.

Actually, "YeeeHaaa!" is quite a complex animal. He has the greatest range of all moodstates, ranging from mild hypomania at the "In-the-Pink" border (where I am now) and extending all the way to psychiatrist-terrorising, hospitalizable, full-blown psychosis. But this one isn't going to psychosis land. The high is grounded in business stuff. No mysticism or weird coincidence shit. In fact, the success of the business I sold was largely as a result of harnessing a particularly long period of sustainable hypomania (when I used to tear around in the car seeing clients).

I'll let you in on a secret. "YeeeHaaa!", if I am really honest, is where I strive to be. Its the most exhilarating place you can live. Boundless energy, a veritable idea-factory, and overflowing with confidence. I suppose its like being on natural Cocaine. Pyschosis, on the other hand is like been on industrial strength acid (otherwise know as LSD).

But don't tell my psychiatrist this secret. She'll panic and call me in. Then she'll probably up the fluanxol and down the Prozac. Chemical tweaking. They get worried when BiPolars are feeling so well.

Admittedly, you have to be careful in the "YeeeHaaa!" state. Often you are so high from mother earth that you are straddling the perimeter where gravity begins and ends. Let yourself go a little further and there's no gravity to pull you back. Thats when they have to send out the rescue missions - space shuttles from earth. And thats when you encounter all sorts of aliens, new worlds, gods and other U.F.O.s.

I could carry on writing for another 5 hours. Problem is, about 5 earth-shattering ideas have popped into my head while writing this so I gotta go get the ol' dictaphone.



Back again! Black Holes are the other thing you see when you've slipped the bonds of gravity and are floating around in outerspace. Hit one of those man, and you NEVER return. Not even Rescue Mission Apollo 69, with its crew of 10 psychronauts can follow you down there.

That's why you've got to master the art of hovering at the Gravity Border.



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  3. Let's Rock 'n Roll, as we drop down to the Oxygen Window. Have you been there ? I guess not. Any further and you are dead. At this depth in the ocean, oxygen becomes toxic.

    You have to train for this,but only 1-2% of the population can.Hell we are a special bunch.

    It's like driving a Ratel on Auto or on Revs. I stuck to Revs.

  4. Been there, f*** that. The problem with Ratels is R.P.G.s. If one of those pierces the armour-plating it will ricochet around the interior taking out the driver, and gunner, and crew. And you'll get a pro-patria medal on your grave...


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