Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Internet & the Manic Mind

This HTML machine was MADE for the manic mind. Links. Connections. Flitting from one place to the next at a zillion trillion miles an hour. Flying... IN FORMATION.


But pleez don't panic
I'm just a little manic

From ABC to XYZ
From the tip of my toes
To the top of my head
Topsy Turvey
Brain's got scurvy
Been there too
The cyberspce zoo


At least I can smile
Just for a while

Rapid cycle
Flat-tyre bicycle
Ring that bell
To heaven
Or hell

Gotta dash
(no, it's not hash)

Can't let go
Far too slow
High signal strength
Same Wave Length
Piped thru wi-fi
BiPolar Guy

A helping hand
Will we crash-land?

Back again
Must be zen
Crack the code
Hit download
Too much haste
Cut 'n Paste
Control Z
In my head
Keyword Codes
Lick the toads
Watch 'em leap
I got no sleep
Didn't see sheep
Not a bleat

Please push escape
Things losing shape...

Locked in prison
This rhyming rhythm
Hear my shout
Get me out

Or do you doubt?

I'm here still
Not by will
Can't stop the bus
That's just us

Give me hope
Give me rope
Got a Gun?
This is fun

YOU out there
Do you care?
Yes you with hair
Don't just stare

So just how long
Does the song go on?
So damn fast
Can it last?
Or must it end
Around The Bend
Over the Hill
Take that pill!
(feeling ill)

Please God no
Show me some slow
Some kinda Rap?
No, just crap
Hope you like
This manic flight
Just say Hi
And I'll say bye

Here's a TIP

What a forum!
Cool decorum
Mind is swimming
Ideas brimming
So damn fast
Can it last?
Time to panic?
Am I manic?

Just say Hi
Tell me Y
Control X
Cut the hex
All these links?
Just a jinx?
Surf the web
Fuck my head
Will it end?
Return to Send?

Pray don't tell
Don't want hell
They'll lock me in
That looney bin

On and on
That same damn song
What a bout!
Fountain sprout
Brakes have failed
I'll be jailed
Put to bed
Shock to head
Zap the man!
Kill his Plan!
Stop, oh Stop!
I beg you lot

Should I jump?
Forrest Gump
Gotta get going
Fuses are blowing
Jump the ship
End this trip
Captains drowning
Doctor frowning
Nurses perving
Me, I'm swerving

Where's the switch?
Screw the bitch!
On a mission
Take position
Just a bend
Does this end?

Keeps on rhyming
Bells are chiming
Time has come
I'm the ONE
What a blog!
Project DOG

On and and on
Same damn song
Let me Out!
Shreik and shout
The longest poem
Which way home?
On my own
All alone

Time to worry?
Just say sorry
See what I mean
Have you seen?
Have you read
My fucked up head?
Look inside
Take a ride
Seatbelts needed
Warnings heeded
So you see
This is me
BiPolar guy
On a high
Screwed up bloke
Not a joke
Chook chook train
Taking strain

Fuck I'm wired
Are you tired?
Don't just linger
Give me finger
Please NO MORE!
Where's the door?
Please just stay
Hear my say
Are you there?
Do you care?
We're together
On this tether
Dogs that prowl
Dogs that howl
What's up pup?
Shut the fuck up!

Wait a minute
Got a limit?
Neither me
We are FREE!
To come and go
Hit the low
Race. race, race
Keep the pace
Phones are ringing
Me, I'm singing
Out of tune
The looney goon
So you see
This is me
BiPolar guy
On a high

Have to go
Get some slow
Leave a note
4 this poet
Red in the morning
Sheppards WARNING



  1. One hell of a run man. I thought it was great. Why don't you connect with Sting, he's one of us, and get the lyrics.

    Ground yourself and head for the beach.

    I'm gong up the coast for the weekend at this crasy time of year.

    Get hold of Sting and go big.

  2. i think 2pac is one of us as well (even tho not confirmed) and i think this shit would flow better with a gangsta rap beat >:)

    a bit confused about what you call low flyin'... first i thought you use that to describe a depressive bout, but now i'm thinkin' lo flyin is what you use describe bouncing off the wall:z manic.

    need to revisit your moods description section :)

  3. I agree, get a gansta beat : )

  4. Re: Your profile
    Interesting that most of us "bipolar" sufferers are either members of Mensa, or are extremely gifted.

    Bruce Feirstein:
    The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

    Oscar Levant:
    There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.

    There is no great genius without some touch of madness.

    We are all batshit, but smart anyhow.


    I think that this run would be best put to the music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons Primavera - Try it and see... But drop a dope beat in there with it. (Call Kanye'West he will mix it for you)

  5. WOW I'm thoroughly impressed

  6. Thanks all you Guys for the vote of confidence.

    Z: where do I get Sting and 2pac - on TIP? You still there or you gone away already.

    Ms Perculiar: Are you Mensan too? As to Lamactil - wonder drug.I'll take a look at your blog now

  7. Anonymous12 June, 2007

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