Monday, November 21, 2005

The LINKs and the LINKED

I got so fired up about that thread at Icarus yesterday. Links, links, links. I could see them all over the place. They were jumping out and attacking me. This stuff really sends me. In fact, after a couple of posts I started realising that I'm actually more excited about the LINKS themselves rather than the things being LINKED.

Last week I finished a book titled "SEARCH" about Google, Yahoo, ALta Vista etc. etc. An amazing read and essential reading for anyone that wants to be remotely involved in any way with Marketing in the future.

SO WHAT'S THE LINK (between the book "Search" and the Icarus thread)?

This: How did Google slaughter the rest of the search market in 5 quick years? Simple - they came up with a new search algorithm. And what differentiated their algorith from all the previous ones??

THEY FOCUSED ON THE LINKS between web pages, rather the Web pages themselves.


It's a whole new paradigm. The paradigm of the future. The structuralist philosophers saw it decades ago. Even the post-structuralists recognised it. They woulda been proud of Google.

(Please excuse this post. I'm off on a philosophy flight at present and you'll probably have to put up with shit like this for a while yet)

My lungs are feeling really sore and heavy today. Like they're laden with boulders tugging down on my thorax. Probably wondering what's happened to the atmosphere down there.

Which has left me feeling pretty drained and zestless. So my business doesn't look like it's gonna happen in a big way today either. Goddam deadlines flying by...

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