Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Easing the Depression

I was gonna title this post "Fighting Depression", but somehow that didn't gel because when we're depressed the last thing we're capable of doing is fighting.

A lot of my BiPolar buddies out there seem to be experiencing downs right now, which prompted this post. There must be something in the air. I would say it was a seasonal thing but as some of us are closer to the North Pole and others the South Pole (BiPolar get it?) it can't be purely related to winter blues. What I do think it is related to is that right now we are in a transitional season (Northern or Southern Hemisphere), and us BiPOlars aren't good at coping with transitions (we've got enough going on in our heads!).

Anyhow here are some things to ease the depression that work for me:

  • Take a shower (bathing I've found is better for mania)
  • Listen to music that you feel in the mood for (and it doesn't neccesarily need to be up-beat music, sometimes sharing your pain with a tormented singer is cool)
  • I find meditating is one of the few things I can still do when I'm down. Just sitting and focusing on feeling your body and its aliveness rather than thinking (actually, I find meditation extremely difficult on the manic side of things)
  • Banish all guilt. Guilt makes the depression 10 times worse. This is an unchosen condition remember, no fault of our own. Would you feel guilty about having Diabetes?
  • Have pity for those suffering from UniPolar Depression, at least we've got 2 poles and it's a damn certainty we'll be back at the other pole soon.
  • Avoid alcohol - nothing worse than a hangover coupled with depression. Real "Got-a-Gun" stuff. Personally I 've canned drinking altogether - one of the best things I ever did.
  • Sit down and work out exactly how you would spend your money if (and when) you won the Lotto (an old favourite)
  • If you need a short term lift, just to get a little breather, eat a chocolate (but not too many)
  • If none of the above works - get into bed and go to sleep, even if it's for 24 hours. The dreamworld is sometimes better. Take your phones off the hook. Fuck the world. Put it down to Sick Leave.
  • Love your pets

And whilst I'm on pets here a few pics that I hope make you happy (my 2 doglets):


Some more:
  • Tidy somewhere, anywhere. Tidying my environment tends to tidy my head
  • Brush you hair, do yourself up (whatever your preferences are) and put some of your favourite clothes on.
  • TAKE YOUR MEDS! At all costs
  • Chop your goals up into a half hour at a time. And don't make ANY long-term decisions. (they'll be wrong)
  • Tell your loved ones that you're in a bad zone, and you're gonna be fairly disabled until it blows over
  • Drink a Coke
  • Sit in the sun


  1. Masturbate

    Watch a Comical Movie

    Go People Watching

  2. How funny- you nailed two of them that are exactly what I do when I am really down. I lay in bed and spend the money I win in the lottery - GMTA!!!

  3. I do most of these things, but only a few of them conciously... I'm typing this up as a list and posting it on the wall.

    Great work, BPG!


  4. Very true what you say about the change of season affecting one's mood.

    Like your dogs man!

  5. Talk to somebody who understands and doesn't condemn you.

  6. Excellent list, and its great to see your animals on the site.

  7. Great list!

    My cats were doing fine until they got to your dog pictures. And then they began to wail.


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