Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yeah, I'm back. Bizzare behaviour huh? Well that's what us mad people do.

Remember that song from the 80s by The Clash - "should I stay, or should I go?". Well that song is the story of my friggin' life.

Seriously though - I've changed this blog from a daily to a dailyISH. (previously this blog was just called BiPolar Daily) It's the best way for me to solve my schizophrenic decision making skills.

So hopefully my zillions of readers out there will check back from time to time. Or better get an RSS reader and add me to your feeds...


  1. I knew you couldn't stay away :D


  2. I've also become a more occasional writer. But it's for ourselves we write, more or less. But, of course, it's important to keep your readers with their valuable comments which may keep your alive during some bad day.

  3. Thank you, from the deepest recesses of my brain.

  4. Don't completely turn off the faucet, but do what's right for you. But I will miss your prolific style.

  5. so come on and let me knowwwwwwwwwwww....


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