Friday, May 12, 2006

New interests

My music splurge continues. Once again the genre has taken a 180 degree flip. Now it's electronica with Thievery Corporation, The Chemical Brothers and Zero 7 leading the charge. I love that deep chilled bass.

Having been cucooned in BiPolar interests for the best part of the year, and now deciding to break out of the cucoon, I was faced with some interesting choices. What am I really interested in? This was all the more difficult to answer when I found myself sitting at faced with a choice of many million blogs to choose to read. Such a HUGE choice man, every little niche interest in the world catered for. It is pretty disconcerting when you're faced with so much choice. You just don't know where the fck to start until you're left wondering if you actually have anything that you're passionate about at all.

Anyhow I've finally found some things that I am majorly interested in (at the moment anyway):

  • Blogging and RSS
  • New developments at Google
  • Latest gadgets
  • Philosophical viewpoints and analysis on the webbed world
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Transhumanism (this is the convergence of man and cmptr, when implants are used to enhance abilities and longevity) I'm particularly interested in the ethical and philosophical implications of this.

Of course the old faithfuls are still around: Concrete poetry, Kite flying, Meditation, Hiking, Camping and photography. But they come and go. Like a planetary merry-go-round. They'll always be there, and always come back but none of them are bubbling right now.

So you're probably going to see more stuff about the web and my viewpoints on it. I've added a category in the right bar: "Digital Viewpoints". This is probably gonna grow fast.

I'm sorry to the guys that were enjoying my BiPolar musings. From time to time I will still post thoughts on BiPolar (hey, I'm even hosting the BiPolar Carnival next month). But for now it's just better for my future and health if I don't remind myself every day that I'm a BiPolar sufferer. There is just so much more out there.


  1. I am interested in your musings. Personally, my blog cannot help but be a plethora of stuff. It's all in there! And that is all good.

  2. There is so much more "out" there? I find that the internet is a very internal space, myself. It is closed, with restricted access and zero mobility. Much like the confines of one's own skull. Just something to ponder...


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