Thursday, June 01, 2006

Domain for sale

Whilst everyone in the world has been scrapping about the rights to the web 2.0 trademark (see here) BPG got a manic spurt of inspiration this morning and registered:
Is this a cool domnain name or what! WEB + NET = NEB get it? You better get used to it - expect to see a lot more "Neb" around.
And how many 4 character .coms are left huh? Even the x3u5.coms are selling for 1000s.
But wait: combines ALL the above. In addition it really is a timeous snub at this whole Web 2.0 squabble. Like, carry on squabbling guys, we're carrying on with biz, and guess what - we're one up on you.
PRICE: make an offer

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  1. nice to hear your south african drawl. stay qool, eh? ps: your neb2 idea is worth nothing until a brand is built behind it. can you do that? if so, i offer you $1. cheerio:z!


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