Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm posting this straight from my "performance" add-on in Firefox. My developer finally convinced me to switch from IE to Firefox. I'm mighty impressed. If I was Billy Gates I would be worried - very worried. His empire is eroding on every side.  Yesterday's launch of the Google Spreadsheet Beta will make excel redundant within a year.

And there is very little way IE can compete with firefox. Firefox is finally demonstrating the power of  open source collaboration. What really makes Firefox is all the extensions and add-ons  that are available. Millions of brilliant creators all over the universe are contributing. How can a bunch of employees in a corporate department ever compete??

My only compaint with Firefox thus far is that BiPolar Daily looks pretty damn deformed in the F browser. No images come through, side bar content is all squashed. Haven't had a chance yet to see if other blogger sites suffer the same fate.

As to the BiPolar Carnival post on Saturday, I appreciate the unconditional support. Some have suggested that I write another post. Not sure if this is gonna happen. Any thought of my Carnival Carnage over the weekend just drags me down right now.

But today I'm up.


  1. Glad to hear youre feeling better

  2. Anonymous08 June, 2006

    It is funny, because I just switched to Firefox last night:-)


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