Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rock Climbing

On Sunday a cousin of mine invited us rockclimbing. He's done loads and is a seasoned climber. Above is Miss L climbing our first route graded a 9. Really enjoyed it. Maybe we'll do some more.

Things are going pretty well at the mo. I've got my head down and churning through the work at the moment. Money, money, money. So damn important. And that's gonna be my focus for the next few years. Fuck the philosophy, the esoterica and writing the second book. Cash is King.

After ditching my corporate days 5 years ago I've often looked back and thought to myself "how the fuck did I ever get into that mindset?" Well I can see how now. Ok, so things are different this time - I'm not rushing around in suits and selling stuff "hands on". But I can see that the eventual goal - to make plenty money - was SPOT ON. Aspiring towards wealth my be misguided morally, spiritually and philsophically. But if you live down here on this little green planet - those are the rules of the game, and you're stuck with them - so you gotta just play your bestest.


  1. Anonymous11 July, 2006

    10km from me is the largest indoor climbing arena in Europe. http://www.edinburgharchitecture.co.uk/jpgs/ratho_climbing_centre.jpg

    I still haven't used it and have never been climbing. Until I can do one full length pull up I wouldn't feel comfortable with the idea even though I know the power comes from the legs!

    Like climbing I have an aversion to money. "Money has no value" has been my mantra for a long time. Too many depressed billionaires out there! I am in the comfortable position now having sold my home that I have enough money to live off for the next 5 years but is that the position I want to be in? Should I become a Buddhist monk perhaps? They do not touch money. All their needs are supplied. Ok, so the equivalent in the Western world is to become a beggar. Since I don’t wish to achieve that status in the West and I doubt I will become a deity in the East I am going to have to go back to work with an ideal beyond just making money!

  2. I think its much eaiser to "reject" money when you have plenty already or if all your needs are provided for. If you have none and have to try and survive without any its not so easy to be philosophical about it. Being cold, sick and hungry just doesnt make you feel all that spiritual

  3. money is so damn evil

  4. Anonymous12 July, 2006

    Money is the root of all evil. BiPolar guy will confirm that Financial Institutions are Hell ;)

  5. Money IS an object. Except for Australian notes which are plastic, you can tear most of it up into little pieces. But for some strange reason no-one ever accepts the corner of a ten dollar bill as change.


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