Saturday, August 19, 2006


This down is a baddie. I haven't really escaped from it all week. Everything has ground to a halt. My excercise regime, my meditation, and, most drastically, my work. If I don't put a few hours in tomorrow, I will be setting a new all time low record for weekly hours worked. Not good!

Finished a book yesterday: "Future:Tense", and that gave a brief respite. Excellent book by the way. If you want to know exactly what is going on in international politics right now, and the likely alternatives for the next 10 years, then this book offers a highly lucid and logical perspective.

But so fckn what? What does it matter what's going on in the global balance of power, when you can hardly get out of bed?

Where to from here? Try find some route to claw my way out? Or just ride with it, let nature take it's course?



  1. If you can get away from the big picture and just focus on the basics for now. Exercise and Diet. They seem so simple but so difficult to achieve when you are feeling down. They should be a primary part of the routine that you have spoken about in the past. If we all could afford a personal motivator/trainer and a personal chef would are downs be so down and are ups so up?

  2. Hey, I am a Bipolar/Asperger sufferer, and starting a blog myself about my feelings and looking back on my childhood, trying to help others understand. Ridding it out is tough, but when in the deepest of deep holes, I never find anything to pull me out other than talking to friends. Feel to leave notes at my blog:
    perhaps eventually even talk via e-mail?

  3. Depression is the hardest thing to deal with, I would much rather stay in a manice episode for weeks then suffer depression. I, too, have a hard time with it. Sometimes it feels as if you are the only one feeling this way and nobody seems to understand. I know we will make it through this. Just hang there.


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