Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trucker Tom

Was planning to do an audio post today but it seems that the telephone number that you phone into is down - beeep, beeeep, beeep...

It's been an eventful week. Smoking the joint on Tuesday, the first joint in nearly 3 years. Getting a little stoned and writing a whole lot of stream-of-consciousness stuff here on BPD. Then....throwing the stash away, along with a packet of Peter Stuyversant extra-mild 20s (although there were only about 14 cigs left in the box when I threw it out).

And: from Wednesday onwards, the beginning of a very promising health kick. Long runs on the beach everyday. No weed. No cigarettes. No junk food. Lots of liquids.

Looking back now, the week was a fckn See-Saw.

Anyhow, today is an awesome Sunday down here in Cape Town, and aptly named too because the sun is burning down in all it's African glory. No clouds, no wind, just this drenching sunshine. Some smooth jazz wafting through the air. Lying in the sun listening to may latest favourite podcast - Trucker Tom. Its nothing profound, nothing side-slplitting, just the thinking aloud of a US truck driver as he makes his way along interstate highways at 2 am in the morning. At first you might find it boring, because this guy chews over his words, and often rechews, and rechews, but after a while the hum of the truck's engine in the background, making it's way through the night, gets really addictive. And Tom is nobody's fool. His logic sometimes seems to grind away slowly like the gears of his truck, but he's got a pretty wisened take on the world. You can get his podcast here.

He does about 40 minutes daily - not a problem for him cos' he always records while he is driving anyway - and it's kind of turned into a daylight soapie for BPG.

I'm getting more and more keen to produce a podcast. To run kind of alongside this blog. Podcasts just seem so much more intimate and individual when you're accompanied by the protagonists voice. There's a warmth that isn't there in letters flickering on the cmptr screen, and I'm thinking that this would go down really well in the BiPolar Community.


  1. I have always wanted to get a HGV license and do some trucking! Nice comfortable cab, perfect seating arrangement, easy listening or some rant on the radio. On my list of things to do as well as getting a pilot's license.

    I think the written word has a stronger impact that the verbal word. You are right, verbal has more warmth but not the direct convience on thoughts and ideas. Unless you have the gift of an orator like 'Hitler' to inspire.

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  3. Sometimes the mic may be on and the words just won't come, but put me in front of an audience with a sketchy set-list and my guitar and I'll probably spend more time talking than singing. Most people don't want to hear me sing anyways. I do it just to prove that it's possible.

    Anyway, I'm thinking what you really need, BPG, is a day job that pays a salary yet also allows you time to devote to your other pursuits. Teaching isn't really such a bad gig. Did you ever try to lecture in philosophy or creative writing? It might be worth a try.


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