Friday, September 29, 2006

Cape Point South Africa

Panorama view of false bay taken from Cape Point, South Africa

Spot the shakk k k kkes. Told you I had an influential handshake. Actually it hasn't influenced much to date, but now it's really starting to piss me. Since discovering how to post video on my blog I had great video directing aspirations. So far I've only had my little soundless 15 second video function on my digital camera to play with, but I'd already added a camcorder to my wishlist.

Alas, the hand shake prohibits branching out in this new direction. The tremor has affected my stills photography for some time now, but I usually get away with that courtesy of PhotoShops sharpening filter. Not so with Video! I've done about 20 trial runs and I just can't get a smooth pic.

I'm looking into tripod options and stuff, but that'll just take all the spontaneouty out of it.

Damn Fck!

The video, by the way, is from the same spot that Mrs M and I went to last Sunday. It was so stunningly uplifting that yesterday I took my Dad down there.

Lots of history between my Dad and I .... will have to elaborate one of these days. Stay toooned.


  1. ECT video part #2 via Liz Spikol. maybe it'll inspire you to post on your experience with that as well.

    your hand shakes are hardly noticeable in the video you posted, not enough frames in a web stream for that kind of thing to show.

    hope your meds change works out. two things to bounce off your psydoc: a) antidepressants (SSRIs) can throw you into mania, so you might want to get rid of Prozac as well now that there's no antipsychotic to keep a lid on its effect. b) try taking something for your sleep problems / anxiety (a benzodiazepine maybe, such as klonopin or xanax, but only as needed, otherwise they are addictive) - if your sleep gets out of whack, w'all know that's the quickest path to mania.

    i'm no doctor, blah, blah, so like i said, just stuff to tell your psydoc if you feel like it, see what she says.

    have a good weekend.

  2. the shaking is caused by your meds I reckon?

  3. Boy I'd love to come back to South Africa. Spend some time in Cape Town this time. Too bad I don't have the money.

    I lose feeling in my hands. I guess we all have something.

    Best wishes

  4. Beautiful cape man!You can't beat the ocean. I'm stuck here in an ocean of prairie & lakes.



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