Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Even ISH needs to be (ish)

The principle of ISH (duly explained in yesterday's post), needs to be applied to ISH itself. Yeah, moderation in moderation. Otherwise we have: The Extreme Middle Path.

Too much ISH and everything becomes a bit wISHy-washy - you know, just a mushy grey, no true colours.

So always remember: ish(ish)

WillbeFine: Now that I've had a few days to ponder the meaning of happiness I have finally discovered the ABSOLUTE, FINAL and IRREFUTABLE answer:

Happiness is....


...a moving target


PS: K - yeah not only does the Boerewors reach the Atlantic, but it's salty too. As to German sausage, I know very little. I'm not sure where it would dangle either - maybe in the Rhine???


  1. At last the answer to happiness. All I need now is to improve my aim!!

  2. BPG! Aren't we bipolar/depressed individual just such 'mind fucks'!?! To our very own detriment sometimes, eh? We can justify and rationalize absolutely *anything* got me laughing here:) thanks.

  3. hahahaha
    loved the difinition of happiness:)


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