Tuesday, September 05, 2006


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  1. I cannot hear the audio blog as there is no speakers here. So this might be on a completely different track so here goes anyway.

    Can someone please tell me the difference between unhappiness (normal people) and depression (bipolar)? Do the two feed of each other or are the totally independent?

    The reason I asked is that I became angry yesterday. It seems to be the tone for the past week on this blog. I started to shout at myself, "Come on your f***er" as I struggled with on my bicycle up another steep gradient.It reminded my of the times I have been angry in the past. The type of anger that is converted into determination and focus.

    Why can't BiPolar's be angry with themselves? Don't accept the unhappines/depression. Shout at themselves. Is it better just to accept the mood disorder and lie at the side of the road and watch the sunset? Sorry for the rant but maybe that is part of my disorder too?

  2. I find that whenever I try to explain bipolar disorder to "normal" people, I can't help but describe it in ways that they would understand. Like feeling really crappy means depression for bipolars but could just be a mood dip for non-consumers. I don't mention the psychosis (that's where we differ) but I wholeheartedly feel that most of what bipolars experience is part of the average person's experience also.


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