Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2000 and seven

2000 and six is nearly dead now. Couple more days and it will be all over.

So I thought I'd review my 2006 aspirations as recorded on BiPolar Daily at the end of December last year. Here's what I wanted to acheive:

Finish Book-in-Progress
Dismal failiure. No progress at all. But actually, I think I've finally knocked this monkey off my back for good. Ever since my 3 month chronic psychosis I've felt this urgency to write a book about my experiences. Hey I even did write one (published in 2001). But it wasn't enough. I needed to write another. With the latest and greatest psychotic insights. This urge/drive/need used to cause me considerable pain. Everything else I directed my energy into felt like a betrayal of my true cause. But now I have finally accepted that I can never put my experiences into a book. They are just wayyy too complex. And they are neverending... which is why blogging is a better format. Writing about my experiences will never be a finished product; always a work-in-progess.

Bond closer with Miss L.
Success beyond my wildest anticipations. Miss L now lives with us. Her life is our life and our life is her life. Sure ther've been teething problems. Teenager problems. But on-balance total success.

Start a meditation programme
Major success. I've been doing daily meditation at least 6 days every week the whole year. And it's helped me more than I could share.


Work, work, work
I've finished 2006 on a good working streak. I'm finally enjoying running my business. Nay, loving it. And this past month I've been putting long hours in. The longest hours since I sold my business in 2001. This coming year I'm going to continue with the work focus. I'm gonna turn a profit no matter what it takes. Passion, Focus, Persistence. That's all it needs.

I am so single-mindedly focused on making a business success that I'm hesitant to state any other aspirations here. But there are one or two minor ones which are worth a mention.

  1. I wanna start Tai Chi again. I did it for a full year before it started clashing with my philosophy lectures back in 2003, and I gave it up.
  2. I want to buy Mrs M a new car. This goal is a spin-off of my main aspiration. Cos if I don't turn a profit, a car purchase aint gonna happen.
So yeah, 2006 has been a good year for me. Specially the last 3 months. (probably mainly due to coming off those anti-psychotics). I reckon I've turned a corner here, and all I really want for 2007 is to continue on the new streak.


  1. Great post. I too am writing a book about my bipolar experiences as a professional in the world. I think a lot of people should know and "see" through words that we are not all the adjective describing the murderer or woman-abandoning-her-children archetype summoned by the word.

    Maybe I'll find what you found about the book. Thanks for sharing and being real about 2006. You sound like you're in a good place.

  2. Well done for finishing strongly in 2006 and hopefully that strength will sail you through 2007.

    The only goal I have for 2007, at this present moment in time, is to find a purpose. Business, sport, family, friends and love provide the options, need some clarity.

  3. Congratulations on all your successes this year, especially regarding your challenges with your daughter. Best wishes for the new year.

  4. sounds to me as if it was a pretty decent year all in all. I hope that this one is even better for you

  5. Is that you in the snazzy black outfit? Me thinks probably not as he looks rather Asian. Nonetheless, best of luck with your New Year's Resolutions.

  6. wish you a year full of great successes,with your family,business and your lifeBPG.
    *~*Merry Christmas everyone*~*
    Willbefine...are you going to choose just one of those items as your 2007 purpose to focus or there will be a package of them to be reached?
    hope you get them all together.


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