Thursday, December 07, 2006

The BiPolar Planet customised Search Engine

You may already know that BPG is a member of the BiPolar Planet Webring (see footer). On the other hand, you may not have known.

You may also know that BPG is a Googlephile. On the Other hand, you may not have known.

Known or unknown, the big announcment is that BPG has put together a Google Powered customised search engine which limits search results to the site content of members of the BiPolar Planet webring. Exclusively.

You'll find it in the footer section of this blog. Yes, just scroll down. And try it. The results have a very personalised flavour which you won't find elsewhere. Want to know who in the ring takes "Wellbutrin"? Who gets "migraines"? Who has read the book "Touched with Fire"? Use this search engine!

Ah.... The Fellowship of the Ring (thanks, Tolkein)

I've tried to ensure that all member sites are included but just to make double sure I would encourage webring members to run a check by entering 5 consecutive words from a sentence on their blog into the search box. Put the 5 words inside "parentheses". Your blog should come up at the top of the results. If not: CHECK YOUR SPELLING. If still not: TRY ANOTHER 5 words. If not again, contact me and I'll check it out.

(told you I had a zillion and one ideas last week. This is one of the few that actually saw the light of day...)


  1. sure this search engine would be great and quite helpfull.
    I got part of my answer from this post as this idea is one of those zillion ideas of yours but if it's possible still want to know more about it when you get enough energy ,thanks.

  2. Awesome idea, BPG.
    Tried running a check like you suggested, mine didn't show up.
    Great idea none the less.

  3. I found another Scottish guy using your search engine. One of his posts has a UK TV advert.

    A bit of light nostalgic relief.

  4. Great notion. How do I join the bi-polar webring?

  5. Thanks for the info.......

  6. can i ask you to take a look at my last post? you're like mensa person and I got 4/5 on the test so WHATEVER it was written out of pure mania but yeah.. or not.

  7. ok i'm not a philosopher GRAD but i'm a philosopher at heart so I would very much like to hear the whole free-will theory that you have.

    the whole heart-mind gap left me alone as mania slowly crawled back into it's hole to let depression in. bitches.

  8. I want to destroy this demon that has capured me for so long. Tell me if you know how! I am destroying every relationship in my life. I'm sure that each one that comes will be destroyed also. I can't seem to help myself. Sometimes I don't know who I am anymore! I felt I had to put into writing to whoever might be out there that may be able to give me an answer. Maybe there is no answer! Maybe tomorrow I'll be fine once again, if only for a while.


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