Sunday, December 24, 2006

Impreg Nation

Further to yesterday's condom usage recommendations, I am happy to report that any addititons to the BPG family are inconceivable.

BPG takes daily meds to prevent delusions.
Mrs M takes daily meds to prevent misconceptions. (immaculate or regular)


  1. So was the last post (no military reference intended) part of BPG sexual health advertising campaign as sponsored by Google?

  2. i'm scared now, but don't worry, willbefine,


    ps: $1 to any american soccer mom who grasps this without a google infusion of tea!

    pps: in other news, in his innocent youth, z0tl has lived 1 month in aberdeen/scotland and 1 month in brockley/tube zone 2 in london).

  3. kodeureum, i know exactly what you mean... i got a self-effacing myself and it's at least twice as effective as botox, not to mention cheaper.

    only lucky barstools i've been on are those with boogers underneath in lieu of gum.

    i still got seoul, don't write me off to satan just yet.

  4. mo glassgo kissin fo u foo >:F

    that was my vampire with a tooth missing smiley, just in case you plan to take off your headband and respond to these provocation:z!

  5. There must be more than Irn in the Irn Bru. I spent a month or so looking for work in Rutherglen at the age of twenty. I also wore a Rangers scarf in a Celtic neighbourhood, but didn't make any friends. Rangers colours are the same as my beloved Leafs: blue and white.

    My first week in London I spent cleaning new office buildings for Cleaningwise, a company that hired mostly Australians for some reason. I was staying with a Canadian girl somewheres in the north end. Whem we got assigned to different buildings I decided I wanted to be a tourist again and took a walk across the Thames looking for the site of the Globe theatre. This was in 1988, and it wasn't even marked with a sign. Now they've got a perfect recreation of the original theatre thanks to Sam Wanamaker. Next time I'm in London I'll catch a play there instead of saying 'Macbeth' in the National Theatre like I did last time.

    z0tl, one of these days when I get a round tuit I'll be posting my CV on my blog. Please don't go getting all impressed.

  6. Are there any z0tl transatlantic translators out there? I am totally lost with the linguistic puns/pop culture references.

    Please help..

    Mr Confused.

    Happy Christmas/Festive Season/ Day Everyone!!

  7. mo, it's bloody simple man, just enter everything i say into or else ask BPG, he speaks fluent dutch!

    z0tl is gek, luister nooit aan hem, is hij ook een volledige idiot!

  8. i decided from now on i'll call kodeureum gekko, short for a cute liZZard.

    small print for mo: gek in dutch and ko from koduerueumu which my lysdexia never lets me spell without hitting backspace 15 times.

  9. BPG, I'm surprised you didn't do your own research at before feeding us all this bullshit.

    I almost went to the store to buy me some XXL Trojans, then I found out it's just a flexible sheath, usually made of thin rubber or latex usually filled with water and frozen to make an ice dildo. This device has no other use. Fuck what you heard, you were lied to.

  10. nowhere else to write this
    happy christmases past present and future
    to all

  11. Merry Christmases/Hanukkahs/Winter Solstice Celebrations/Festivus Poles and shoot me now if I left anything that may be applicable to you.

    Dear Santa, may I have a 12-gauge double barreled for X'mas? Oh, and please no blanks like last year, I still have burns all over my colon from that attempt...

  12. z0tl, don't blame me for the romanization. Since I adopted my nickname it's been changed once more and should now be spelt 'godeureum'. By the way, the romanization for the hangeul spelling of Canada is Kaenada. And don't let any Koreans try to convince you that Korea should be spelt with a 'C'. In Korean South Korea is just simply called 'One Big Democratic Country'. They just keep on wishing, God bless 'em.


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