Monday, December 11, 2006


Ideas lead to more ideas, and yesterday's post on ideas did too. But yesterday's new idea is more like a "Meta-idea", as it is an idea about ideas, and may well have a pivotal effect on all existing and future ideas.

Yesterday I said that I'm sitting on this whole pile of good(ish) ideas that I haven't got the resources to implement myself. And that I've looked into selling some ideas but that there is no way to protect your financial interests in them.

So I thought about this and slowly realised that because I can't do them, and because I can't protect ownership of them, what's going to end up happening is that they're all likely to end up dying with me in some obscure excel spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not delusioning off here on some grandeured opinions on the brilliance of my own ideas, I'm just looking at how flawed my logic concerning their protection ultimately is.

This "build-fortress-walls-around-it-because -It's-mine" mentality is so last millenium. That's the kind of thinking that is gauranteeing Microsofts ultimate demise, along with large traditional news corporations, and monoplistic DRM-weilding music industry moguls.

Nah, open source is the way to go. Linux, Firefox, MySQl, PHP, API's, Mash-ups and COLLABORATION. That's the way of the new network era. Wall yourself off and you get no links in. No links in and you fall off the radar into a vast cyber void.

Hence "OPEN SAUCE" - my new blog. On this blog I'm going to detail some of my better ideas. Open-source my bipolar mind. It won't be daily, or even daily(ish), but simply as the ideas come. So you can expect a surge of postings in hypomanic states and long droughts in the low-energy territory.

An advantage of blogging my ideas is that I can test them out a little. Hey, maybe some of them are nothing more than manic inspired delusions of grandeur. And hopefully commenters will confirm this for me.

And if anybody wants to run with the ideas and try implement them for their own account well and good. Hopefully they'll remember BPG when they strike gold.

The blog is not up yet, but I'll be sure to let ya know when it is.
Watch this (cyber) space.

Oh, and Eric D, well spotted.


  1. In the spirit of "Open Sauce", here is an idea I came up with on my recent 2 month cycling tour.

    I call it the "Sunrise Star Tent". Have you ever lay snugly in your sleeping bag, inside your tent, and wanted to gaze upon the stars or watch the sunrise? Well, why not have a tent that has an inner mosquito net and outer rain sheet cover. With the pull of a cord the rain sheet cover is pulled back allowing you to gaze upon the stars at night or if so desired the sunrise in the morning without being sucked dry by the local insect population.

  2. introducing the no-see-em mesh and fair weather stargazing tent for only $159...

  3. oh, yeah, and BPG, you might enjoy reading this blog then - unusual ideas that have turned into profitable small businesses:

  4. z0tl, you must be Canadian.

  5. i can never tell if that's a kayak you're waving from in your profile pic. also, that south korean humor about canadian and stuff, totally over my head. or maybe it was faulty quantum deduction theory you used there and that's why!

  6. zOtl... God they were quick getting my idea onto the market!!!


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