Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wanna join?

Adventures in YoYo Land - that's where I've been this last week. Horribly down midweek last, as high as a kite at 3am Saturday, and now back in the trough.

And, as usual (every time a coconut), my business is the first casualty. G knows its taken a knock this last 10 days. I just cannot, for the life of me drag my sorry arse down to my outside office and do the stuff I'm meant to do. Boring-as-all-hell stuff for sure, but fckn important stuff too. 'Cause if it doesn't come right soon - BPGs gonna be a sunken sorry arse. Right know I'm in more debt than the average South African earns in 10 years. Yeah, Fuck!

But what really gets me is where this dang business could be. If I'd been giving it 8 hours a day for the past 2 years, who knows, I coulda retired already. More than one large corporate has come sniffing around to buy me out. Shit, the last one is listed on the London Stock Exchange! (ok, so it was only the local division that I spoke with, but nevertheless...)

There's blu sky potential fo sure, but it just ain't gonna fly on 3 hours work per day, which has been the story of the past 2 years. And it's not a nice steady 3 hours per day, it's like zero hours for one week, then 50 the next.

My programmer, who I am very friendly with (but does not know I'm a YoYo club member), is going thru all hell at the mo. 2 weeks ago he was getting exasperated 'cause I kept adding lists and lists of stuff to Basecamp whilst he was still working his way down the list. Now this past week, I've kinda vanished from the face of the earth (well, from email, G-Talk and my mobile anyways).

I'm kinda thinking right now that maybe I should spill the beans pills, and tell him about my sorry true state. Can't really make my mind up. There's pros and cons both ways. Any advice would be welcome (i know there's a of you couple computer programmers lurking out there in the great beyond).


  1. I've been a bit of a yo-yo lately as well...and work isn't so hot as a result either. AAAGH! Sure sucks!!!

    Take care,

  2. i have no advice to give on this subject... you know this guy better than i do - really hard to judge what the outcome might be.

  3. If he has any knowledge of the American vernacular he will probably say, “No shit batman.”

  4. My best advice? Bipolar can be filed under personal information. Treat appropriately. You wouldn't discuss weight issues or body hair with your programmer, would you?

  5. I have similar issues with my own online biz. It drives my accountant nuts. I guess I could tell her, but then I'd have to fire her.


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