Saturday, March 03, 2007

"God" and infinity

WARNING: heavy philosophical shit ahead.

So my Dad has just read this book about how incredibly, spectacularly, inconceivably miraculous the creation of life on earth is. In fact, according to the rocket scientist who wrote the book (and I mean this genuinely - the man knows his shit), the mathematical probability of this happening by chance is something like 10 to the power of 60 billion. The logical conclusion: that it is highly likely that some form of supreme design had a hand in it.

This was my Dad's argument. But being the philosophy grad that I am, i had to take up the cudgel. "But what about infinity, Dad?"
"What about it?"
Well if time is infinite then mathematical probability becomes meaningless. Here's why: If something can happen (and by definition anything with a probability of of occurring, no matter how small the probability, can happen) will eventually come to pass. It's got infinite time to try infinite permutations, so in the long run, every possible probability will "probabalize".

By now the argument was clear cut. Dad: life came about with the help of a "God". BPG: life came about because of infinity.

But my Dad is a pretty sharp dude, and he had all sorts of arguments that nullified mine. Like: before the big bang time was not a concept. Me, on the other hand, stuck to my infinity theory, like, what then became before the Big Bang???

So the argument went to and fro, to and fro, getting nowhere.

And that's when BPG was struck with his most powerful insight of the last 12 months.*

"You know Dad, we're actually arguing on the same side, because "God" and "Infinity" are really just the same thing."

And they are. Us mortal earthlings have such a meager understanding of both the concepts "God" and "Infinity" that they only remain separated, through semantics.

"God" = "Infinity"

*Spot the trumpet


  1. What if either God or Infinity does not exist? For instance infinity might be in fact finite! Does that mean God does not exist too?

  2. well said! i blv in both!

  3. insofar as the scientific/materialist/agnostic/atheist God which is Science: Time has a beginning and it originated like your knowledgeable father told you with the Big Shit Bang.

    insofar as Mo made his point, no one can yet prove that the Big Bang and all of everything that resulted as an aftermath (which we now came to call an Infinite Universe), i myself believe this Universe is but a very short lived experiment in quasiphysix that belongs to some stupid little kid in 1st grade at the School for Retarded Gods and Demons.

    this theory would totally explain how things can get as fucked up as they have always been, also give me hope that has soon as teacher grades the project an F, it'll ALL be trashed to hell in a shitbasket.

    ps: stay away from to much waxing philosophical, you know, in excess, as nietzsche proved mathematically and by good personal example, it always ends up with hugging a horse and never returning to this world again...

    pps: life came about within THIS universe, where time exists, therefore so does probability. life came about in precisely 14 billion years or however long it has been since the big bang. the probability that the DNA coiled by itself is very very small, as your dad told you. your argument re: probability being meaningless within the context of infinity has zero bearing on the probability that life can come about in a universe where time began 14 billion years ago. so i suggest you stop mixing philosophy with math and physics, for they do not jive. in other w0rds: your father wins! also, just because DNA was CREATED, does not mean that Darwin and evolution theory is WRONG. in other w0rds, don't label me an intelligent designer either. life is a very flawed concept that resulted out of random stupid evolution from something that hell knows, may have been intended simply for storing digital information. btw, DNA, being base 4 let's say (ATGC) would be way more efficient than our stupid binary system we use to store our info. still, DNA, prolly floppy disk for that etard 1st gawdNdaemon preschooler...

    meh, i'm getting long winded, but as always, my point is: you aren't as smart as your mensa papers say! lissn closer to your daddy, he's likely smarter and way more knowledgeable too.

    sorry, i couldn't resist sending you some of my eternal love and shit.

  4. I couldn't agree more that "God" = Infinity.

  5. Where does Infinity begin?


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