Sunday, April 22, 2007

In case you've always wanted to know...

...what the inside of my mouth looks like Here it is =>. (not a very good photo, I had to hold the 2 halves of my jaw open to photograph it with my one shaky hand and take the pic with the other shaky hand. what I suppose I'm trying to say, is that, actually, my teeth are a lot more symmetric than this pic suggests).

The dentist, good chap, gave me the mould of my teeth to take home. Make a nice paperweight or sumtin'.

I finally seem to have gotten to the bottom of my headache mystery. Teeth-grinding and jaw-clamping at night in my sleep. And if you think your jaw bone is not related to your upper head, just push your finger into your temple (quite far back on the temple) and clamp yr jaw and see what I mean (I didn't know either - a little trick from the physio).

So now I've got this dang plate to wear in my mouth @ night. You can't really swallow so well when you've got it in - but guess what happens with me - the minute I got it in, swallowing becomes the most important thing in the world. Arrrghhh!!


  1. what exactly are you going to swallow in bed at night? Late night cookie monster?

  2. Hey my sister has that grinding problem... so what do you do again, you put something in your mouth right, before you sleep??

  3. makes sense to me= when Im hypomanic I grit my teeth HARD- I have to concentrate not to do so.I cant imagine what goes on in my sleep and so asleep

  4. They made me one too but I just couldn't get used to it so I never use it.

    Good luck, I hope it helps.

  5. once i had an mri and as they were sliding me in they told me not to swallow... naturally i felt i had to swallow constantly. if they had not said anything about it they would have received better results.

    what a nice smile you have from the inside out.


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