Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shooting massacre

Maybe one of my favourite daily blogs shed some light on how we're breeding screwed up kids. This was posted on her site a week or 2 ago:


  1. It's true.

    We bought a very run down home, because it has a garden and it's located in a quiet, 0%-crime neighborhood. Our kid plays outside all day.

    When his then 6 yo. buddy came over to visit us the first time, he went back to his sterile, perfect little apartment and set a fire in the kitchen.

  2. hahaha, thus leaving peacefully results in breeding pyromaniac:z!

    dear parents, let teh TV raise your child or else look what may happen...

  3. living, dear z0tl, it is living peacefooly, goddam foreigners and their grammar skill:z i tell ya...

  4. The spelling is actually 4runners, z0tl.

    My daughter actually digs the animated sitcom about a square-jawed CIA agent called American Dad. She laughs when she thinks it's supposed to be funny. It is a cartoon, after all. Just like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

  5. ok now I have to object!!! I have yet to see a rabid animal!! rabid humans yes but never a rabid animal :P

  6. There's more behind the massacre-gunman's make-up than just TV violence. He's South Korean. I must have taught a few hundred kids like him over the past ten years. Here in Korea, they fit right in, as a sort of norm. In America, they either act goofy and clog (a type of step-dancing) while singing Achey-Breaky heart on game shows, or fade right into the shadows hoping to be ignored. Online First Person Shooter games are quite popular but funnily enough, real pistols cannot be purchased in any store here in South Korea.

    It's very lucky this sort of thing hasn't happened before. The Korean communities in North America are extremely close-knit. The church my parents attend has a Korean-languagge service in the afternoons, as do many churches in Toronto. The sort of isolation engendered by these types of communities can be nurturing but also extremely alienating when young people attempt to emerge into a broader society. I wish I had had a chance to interact with that young man. Some awareness of the strict Confucian culture he was most likely raised in could have helped his fellow students or professors break through his shell before he finally cracked. Just before final exams in his senior year. What and odd coincidence.

  7. @kodeureum: Very good point.

    PS. Btw, the little firestarter is going through his own cultural clash. A coincidence, perhaps...


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