Tuesday, May 01, 2007


  • POLAR COASTER - kudos to this blog for choosing the best damn bipolar term I've yet heard
  • WillbeFine - yesterday's post wasn't a joke. You obviously payed insufficient attention to attention. 5 punches for you.
  • If you think keeping your mind from darting around all over the place in a meditation session is difficult, try stopping your tongue from darting around when you've got a hole in yr tooth. My tongue has a mind of its own (and a raw patch on the end)
  • BPG to Mrs M (after removing the cat from his chair for the 100th time in the past 2 days):
    "Do you think this cat just doesn't get it? Doesn't it realise that's my favourite chair? Why does it just carry on and on?"
    Mrs M: "Well the cat's probably saying, 'Do you think this human just doesn't get it? Doesn't it realise that's my favourite chair? Why does it just carry on and on?"
  • In line with my new minimalist approach to photography, we were ruthless yesterday and threw out a whole whack of old clothes. Like half our cupboards. Declutter is a cool thing.
  • New quote in the title of this blog - "There are no answers. Only choices" Said by Gibarian from Solaris. My life philosophy captured in 6 words. Actually I'm thinking that my expositions on this here quote deserves a whole post soon, not to be slapped in as a mere etcetera.


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  2. There are no answers. Only choices.

    I like it.

  3. Sometimes it seems like there aren't even choices, just a vast selection. But that's what happens when you shop for groceries at 5:45 am...

  4. Anonymous01 May, 2007

    Thanks for the kudos. Although I was by no means the first to come up with the term, at least I did come up with it independently, i.e., before I had ever heard it anywhere else.

    I know what you mean about the hole in your tooth thing. I had a chip in my tooth. It hurt, so I worried that I was going to need some dental work more serious than a small filling. I only needed a little filling, though; it stopped hurting once I stopped constantly poking at it with my tongue.

  5. my favorite quote/scene from waking life:

    "let my silence be heard!" and then the guy lights up the match and self immolate:z!


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