Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mindspace transitions

Really struggling today. Can't get going, can't focus on my business.

It always happens after I've let myself wander too far down the creative path. The mindspace that I occupy there is wayyy different to the financial mindspace - which is where I'm meant to be right now. But the transition is too huge. I need more than 24 hours to make it. Too many miles to cover.

Gotta WAKE UP. I know I've been complaining about the forced sale of our house for nearly 2 years now. So it might sound like "cry wolf" this time too. I wish... Right now we are in REAL shit. Mortaged to the hilt. Soon my credit cards will max out. And then???

So I gotta steer clear of these creative diversions for a while. They're not helping me. They're not gonna run away. I got the rest of my life to do them.

And I LOVE this house I sit in. I am attached to it, attached to the land. I wanna spend the rest of my days here. I wanna die here.

So once Ive got back into the financial mindspace, I'm gonna stay there. Not let go.


  1. best to die in debt, than w/ money in z-bank! attachment to house tho, gotta cut that shi7 out man! it's bad enough to have attachment to wife, but to thing:z?

    ps: max everything to hilt, file bankruptcy, go to tibet for 7 years, come back & start w/ clean record - or at least 7 years is how long a bankruptcy in US stays on record.

  2. For once, please pay as little attention as possible to z0tl. The money (and house) we leave behind when we die generally goes to our descendants. Who better to profit from your lifelong toil than your loved ones? And if you love that house, why should anyone else occupy it? Somebody has to live there so why not you? And why am I asking so many rhetorical questions? There are no answers, only choices... :-)

  3. gekko is right, not just once you must pay as little attention as possible to me, but alway:z, howevah remembah this: the minute you wanna leave some shit for someone, they'll die the next day, so like keep your daughter alive by not planning to bestow wealth upon her!

    okay, okay, i'm overdramatizing, mebbe so, but the Univerxe works in mysterious ways, there's nuttin to hold on to, so try not to hold on things, okay, if you're not strong enough to do the same w/ people!

  4. Anonymous04 May, 2007

    You need the pressure to move, without it you will just sit back and watch the sunset, idling your day with enjoyable but zero income pastimes.

    Remember, the comfortable living space you have now is pulling you further into debt. It is the also this living space which is dragging you out of your debt.

    The Ying, Yang House!

  5. If I could focus I'd be famous, rich or both. Thankfully I can't.


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