Sunday, May 06, 2007

Which week day do you hate? Which love?

With so many cool widgets hitting the Neb, right bar turf is becoming prime real estate. So i thought I'd take 2 of my older polls down. Which is yr best day of da week, and which is da worst?

Well there was no surprises in these polls. Mondays suck. Fridays Rock. (personally Thursday is my best day - but I'll take a Friday too)

Resounding conclusion: WORK SUCKS

The vast majority of this blogs readers are BiPolar, so these polls no doubt reflect BiPolar's worst and best day of the week. But I'm sure all the muggles would vote the same.

One thing I know - there is nothing harder to do than work when you're really down. Sheesh, at those times its hard enough to do stuff you like, let alone stuff you hate.

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  1. I didnt vote on this because I dont work and the days make no difference to me. SO your conclusion is undoubtedly correct -works sucks. The days I hate are the days I feel bad. the days I love are the days I feel good. Now that I dont work that is the only differential I make


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