Thursday, June 14, 2007

Serial Insomnia

JungleTart a fellow BiPolar Type 1, made a very astute (and often overlooked) observation in a comment on yesterdays' post.

" are the first and only to discuss psychosis as compared to other bipolars only talking about mania. There's a huge difference..."

So very true. I was intending to write a major post on this topic, but am going to have to defer it. Why? Because I need to start getting my act together. I've been hit by serious insomnia for nearly 4 nights in a row now, and I'm getting a bit jittery. Hyped. Amped. Wired. Whatever you wanna call it.

4 nights of insomnia is the most reliable predictor I have historically had that there's some mania lurking in the vicinity.

So today I gotta recollect myself. Starting with a serious meditation session. Skipped 2 days in a row now, and it's not doing me good.

One of the triggers of the insomnia is the fast tightening financial situation. It's eating away at me. But the only chance I've got of getting out of this situation is to keep my wits about me, and up the work hours. Going off on some grandiose tangent at this point is exactly what I DON't need.

But Tart's comment is too valuable to dismiss. So I'll be posting a long post about the differences between psychosis and mania in the next couple days. (I hope.)


  1. 3-4 such nights will do it for me too. The question is, what came first, the insomnia or the mania?

  2. Whoa! Wow! First of all, I am beyond honored to mentioned ON your page. It's like making it into a prestigious journal. I'm just so glad that I could say something of worth.
    That is just too weird that you've got the insomnia's cause- me too! That's why I'm here at 6:29 a.m. I got out of bed at 1:30 and I'm STILL UP.
    I am quite glad that you will talk about psychosis more. I have had a total of 3, and the subject, for me, was such a life-changing event that 1) I will never be the same, 2) despite the fact the last one was over 10 years I still think about it all the time 3) I have searched the world over for someone who has had ANY similar type of experience. You are the first to talk about it, I already said that.
    Although I may sometimes feel like a goober (don't ask me describe, its just true) I feel that I must be in some pretty good company and that maybe, just MAYBE I am the brilliant genius that I keep telling others I am, occassionally. Thank you so much Bipolar Guy.
    Now, I must TRY to get some sleep before I reach buggy land. Well, really, I can only think its the meds that keep me holding on here. I am tired, Thank God.
    :) Tart
    PS Could someone tell me how to link this to my blog? I have not figured out how to do this yet. TY

  3. should be some interesting reading. I have always counted myself massively blessed in not having fallen into psychosis. I pray that it never does happen. I am not foolish enough to romanticize it. The mere thought terrifies me.


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