Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comments on the comments

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Yeah, my little article on Nothingness stirred up a few comments. And they’re all valid. I wrote the thing 2 years ago, and if I wrote it today it would be different. At that point I was a budding freelance journalist and goal number one was to incite controversy, as controversy usually ensures high readership (ah, the UN-ethics of Journalism…)

In fact, besides the “errors” that were pointed out, my whole argument could be totally slaughtered by hard, cold logic alone. But I’ll leave you guys to work that one out lest I embark on a 1000 word diatribe.

Anonymous: You are quite correct in your definition of atheism. In its strictest sense it has nothing to do with the “afterlife” debate. As you say, it simply rejects a belief in God. You are more articulate than I was at the time.

*I’ve got no agenda here, but I’d just like to say that Buddhism is not a theism. The Buddha was an ordinary human who awoke from the deluded slumber we are all born into. Any of us can achieve that state. The subsequent Buddhist rituals (some of which could appear as “worship”) is a man-made creation. Inevitable.

Joel: Yes, you are correct too my man. The Buddha declined to comment on an afterlife. Indeed the Buddha’s point of view on an afterlife was not dissimilar to Socrates stance (see original post) before he was put to death.

The concept of “Nothingness” as I said, shares much with the concept of “infinity”. In fact, I would even stick my BiPolar neck out and propose that the two concepts actually refer to the same thing.

By definition,
Cannot be defined

By definition,
Cannot be spoken about.

The Tao that can be told
Is not the eternal Tao
– The Tao te Ching

Whereof one cannot speak,
Thereof one must remain silent
- Wittgenstein

As always:

“There are no answers. Only choices”


  1. "To Infinity and beyond Nothingness."

    Buzz Lightyear forgot the last word!

  2. What exapansive grace you have, Bipolar Guy.

  3. Some people don't have a clue. Sometimes, I love my disease. I have a clue. And then, I have the clues of several other personalities too.

    We're blessed.


  4. Bipolar ( Vision x 2 ) = Sight + Humility.

    It requires two poles in order to establish one's centre.

    Where does the journey begin ?


  5. Hi--
    I was out of commission when you posted the original essay from which these comment originated.(I went back and read it.) I avidly followed your posts regarding your personal relationship with Buddhism. However, the last thing I want in this life is peace and contentment. That's what death is for. Religion and science were never intended to fit together. But, then, just how applicable is a poem to brain surgery? Evangelicals try to replace science with their religion. Bad practice. But to replace religion with science is equally as deadly. Scientific facts are cyclically overturned and religious/spiritual beliefs don't have a clue as to what really goes on.
    Life's a bitch, ain't it? That what I like about it.


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