Thursday, August 30, 2007

New BiPolar Poll

Below this post towards the bottom of the page is my BiPolar Poll section. I've just added 2 new polls today:

Which are your worst months for:

POLL 1: Hypo/mania ?

POLL 2: Depression ?

The answers need to be selected according to the hemisphere you are in. This is to make sure that the seasons correlate, as this surely has an effect on BiPolar moods.

I will be posting the results of the 2 previous posts over the next few days.

If you want to see the results for historic polls just click on my "BiPolar Polls" Label in the right bar.

Your votes appreciated!


  1. I cant answer those polls. I dont know.I am not aware of any particular months being worse than any others. My first depressions lasted months and even years. there the particular months are irrelevant. It was ALL of them. Then I became rapid cycling and I go thru all stages in a months period. Sometimes every two months. So once again its all of them.

  2. My worst months of depression came this Spring. April through now pretty much, seeing as I am in the United States.

    I had an intense week of mania that landed me in a hospital in late March. It was one of those manias where my belief structure took over my life and my reality and I was positive that I could figure out the universe, and conquer any problem no matter how out of my league it happened to be.

    So I guess, insofar as I can tell, the Spring is the time that really gets me.

  3. Rapid cycler here too though summers have been particularly hellish - at least the last two. Canadian summers are gorgeous which only serves to make me feel as if the environment is mocking me.

  4. End March early April seem to be my risky time for hypo/mania. That has been the time I used to end up in hospital. I am in the southern hemisphere so this is the end of summer. Maybe I just wind up with the warm weather/ increased hours of sunlight. As for depression, dunno anytime.


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