Friday, September 21, 2007

dvd: STAY

the Beast, originally uploaded by versionz.

Just saw STAY
Blew my head AWAY

('twas recommended by an old friend of mine)


  1. a quantumly entangled movie, to be sure, it's hard to top that recommendation...

    be sure you've seen fight club, vanilla sky, memento, k-pax, girl interrupted, a beautiful mind, identity, donnie darko - those are off the top of my head "must see" for the mentally challenged!-)

  2. also, bipolar youtuber of the day:


    this is what you need to do in order to let go of your previous pxychotix trips, youtube'em and let'em go.

    then cut your meds (with adult supervision) and let what started come to some sort of completion.

  3. As always the Scottish actor Ewan McGregor produces the goods.

    I would recommend in my order of preference to watch some of his home grown films.

    Shallow Grave
    Brassed Off
    Little Voice
    Moulin Rouge!
    Black Hawk Down

    To add to the coincidence list, you started with "The Number 23", Ewan McGregor is in production of "Number 13".


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