Saturday, September 15, 2007

Emigration Update

The main news: New Zealand has accepted the first stage of our application, and we've been invited to apply for residency.

It is bittersweet though. Since lodging the application we've had more time to ponder the reality of this move and realised more and more how much we love this country. South Africa is a special place. Something that cannot be conveyed if you haven't lived here. The people, the land, the culture - it's all totally unique. Our roots are here.

And then there's family. Mrs M and I have close knit families. How can we possibly leave them? How can I totally unsettle Miss L at this point? And what about my sister - she has bigger issues than me and is virtually incapable of living independently of my parents. She has NOBODY else. What happens when my parents are no more??

I think the change of heart came about after the Buddhist Retreat we attended 3 weeks ago. We observed these people, and unlike the most other whitey South Africans we know, emigration does not seem to be on their agenda. They just carry on with their daily lives. If the country is screwed, well it just needs EVEN MORE compassion - the perfect ground for a Bodhisattva. In fact the lineage we're affiliated with even has a large centre in Zimbabwe. Yeah Zimbabwe the melting pot, with an imploding economy and no hope in sight. And you know what - the Buddhists there just get on with their daily lives too. And if the currency goes to shit in international terms - well so the fck what - we don't aspire to wealth anyhow.

Don't get me wrong, we are not discounting emigrating. We're just thankful that the whole process until the final green light is likely to take at least 12 months. We'll reconsider our options then. If Jacob Zuma becomes prez of the ANC in December - the country is well and truly fcked. The man was involved in a rape conviction last year, a major fraud conviction (pending), has had 9 wives, doesn't have a High School education and spends most of his public appearances singing "Bring me my machine gun". ( Yeah, to shoot all the fckn whiteys...)

So the way we're looking at this NZ move is that it is really simply an Insurance Policy. We'll reassess in 12 months time. First prize - this country miraculously comes through like it has done so many times in the past.

PS: Well put Tart . Every community has it's posers. You and I are the real McCoy.

PS2: Along with my Buddhist interests I have a totally incompatible (Schizo??) interest in rugby (NO compassion - just pure violence!) and I felt especially proud of being South African last night when our boys trashed England 36 - 0 at the World Cup. We can win this Cup boeties - watch this space!


  1. Once you get the green light for NZ, you don't have to go immediately and there is no reason you can't come back.

    Scotland are on a HIGH at the moment. Beat the runners up of the World Cup, France in the European Championship qualifier for football in Paris for the first time in more than 50 years and head a group which includes Italy the World Cup holders. So this HIGH will extend towards the rugby team who are looking strong. Make sure SA don't play them because our blouse wearing English neighbours are no comparison.

  2. do the blacks ever win anymore?

    sit with it or run from it, same thing, really. go with gut feel, toss a coin, or agonize in your head for years, same thing, really.

    or maybe totally different.

    or maybe same shit, different angle?

    it's too early in the morning for me to try to make sense.

  3. You put that application for very good reasons. maybe you should review those reasons and the thoughts behind them.

  4. I've been lucky enough to enjoy progressive government here in South Korea for the majority of the past ten years but things are set for a swing back to the fascist past with the GNP the only party fielding a unified candidate and the elections just three months away. I've only recently found my niche though here in Hyundai City (Ulsan) and I think I'm well situated to weather the conservative backlash. I'm just hoping the peace with North Korea carries over into the next administration. I really want to take that train from Busan to London before I get too old to enjoy it.

    Any success for Canada in rugby? At least they're participating in this World Cup.

  5. There is nothing wrong with appreciating buddhists from afar. There is nothing wrong with finding Mother Teresa an incredible woman and saint, even if you're not Catholic and have never taken a step into Calcutta.

    There's nothing wrong with being safe and appreciating the incredible things that some people are able to do, to survive what sounds like politically is just plain scary or at least is difficult to live in for the average person.

    There nothing wrong with taking into the assessment of all these things that in addition, as a bipolar, you just don't need it. You can find a cause in NZ to apply Buddhist skills to. And you can still play rugby in NZ. Your daughter just might flourish in NZ, don't underestimate that.

    If your parents were to pass or need help themselves, which is the worst case scenario, and you are the only one for your sister, you can go get her/or help your parents.

    There must be a reason why you or your immediately family (wife) feel a need to leave when other family members may wish to stay. And NZ is another country, not another life plane, and they still have telephone, email and snail mail.

    I am putting this all out there because thank God your visa requests are not people that can get their feelings hurt. No big deal to a gov't worker what you do in 12 months, right? That's cool, but 1 year is not so far away and you are too smart to not really know what you want to do. There's nothing here in your post that makes a good enough argument to stay, even in comparison to your points within this post, and points you've made in others. I'm 'just sayin' :)

    On That note, thank you for linking me, BP Guy, and I share your sentiment as well. I am all about improvement, being a better me, and trying for joy especially with a past that has had the kind of hurts that only a select few know.

    I respect who you are and I am so glad and thankful for your presence on the web. I wish the best for you and yours. Forgive my preachiness if it seems so. Husband told me kindly that I can be 'soapboxy.' Yeah, but it keeps the blog interesting and moreover gives me something to write about! Hah! Have a good day, friend.


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