Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Auspicious signs

South Africa's national lottery was suspended for 7 months due to "irregularities". It's about to relaunch and the first draw will be on Saturday 13 October.

The chances of ever winning a Lotto are minisculey miniscule, even for the Certified Delusional. But maybe my chances are a teensy weensy bit better than they've ever been before. Hold on tight and let me elaborate:

14 years ago, upon hearing of the unplanned pregnancy of Miss L, I landed up for my second stay in a psychiatric hospital. My therapist drove me in because she had determined that I was Over The Top -> OTT.

So it was pretty quirky when I was released 10 days later (the PDoc having altered my course by 180 degrees) to be given TTO's - ( a standard hospital acronym for medication To Take Home/Out).

But what was really bizzare was that I made one very good friend in hospital during my stay (we used to smoke cigars together) and his name was OTTO. Otto was there from the entire duration right from the beginning OTT to the end TTO.

So the letters OTTO have always been auspicious for me. Only recently did I see that OTTO and LOTTO could be related. But first, I needed an L...

Hey, I got one - Miss L! And, YES, she is most definitely linked to the whole OTTO thing. It was news of the unplanned pregnancy and the resultant stress blast that sent me into hospital in the first place .

But here's the best part: Miss L's Birthday is on Saturday 13 October - same FKCN day the new LOTTO is gonna be drawn!


( It's called "Delusions of Reference" people, a classic side-effect of chronic apophenia. Just one of the delightful curses I am blessed with.)


  1. Purchase a LOT of LOTTO that is my MOTTO before you go POTTO.

  2. you know it only takes one to win right?

  3. Dude, I think you need to buy 50 tickets.

  4. Now if that ain't a sign, I don't know what is. :)

  5. I look for signs in everything but I say go for it!!

  6. I understand you can increase your odds exponentially by sacrificing a chicken and swinging it over your head whist standing on one foot singing "The Star and Stripes Forever".

  7. * raine reads the last comment and falls off her chair laughing**think it is about as accurate as finding signs in numbers*

  8. You know, you are too creative for your own good. You made me laugh because I see "signs" in everything. I think it's part of our BPD...to see things that arent quite there.

    Or,it could be the schizophrenia talking...

    Keep writing, love. I enjoy reading you.


  9. i'm willing to paypal you $8 to play for me! if i win, you can have 50% or alternatively you can just say it was your ticket and take your chances with the Woman Upstairs!

  10. You guys should go see BPG's awesome other website on concrete poetry


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