Monday, October 29, 2007


I've been very focused on "Getting Things Done" lately.
And harnessing the full powers of web2.0 to do so. Here's some of the cool things I've implemented lately:

  • Opened a "Remember the Milk" (RTM) account*
  • added an RTM overlay calendar onto my google calendars
  • added an RTM widget to my iGoogle personalised home page
  • Downloaded the freeware - Launchy (awesome!)
  • Downloaded the freeware - AutoHotKey and written some scripts to launch certain websites/ progs with customised keyboard shortcuts
  • Added a whole lotta new FireFox add-ons - IE View lite, Foxylicious, FireFTP, and Tab Mix Plus.
  • Played around with a whole lot of Tab Mix Plus Settings.
  • Added the Google Wikimedia Subscribed Links service to my Goog Search results (so every time I do a search in Google a wikipedia article with corresponding keyword appears under the result)
  • Downloaded Avast Anti-Virus
  • Downloaded PC Tools Firewall Plus
And I still got plenty plans:

If "Remember The Milk" works for me, I'm gonna finally ditch Outlook (with the very useful FranlklinCovey Plan Plus which I've been using fr years) and switch to Thunderbird - the Mozilla answer to an email client. I'll then use the add-on to integrate Thuderbird and RTM (and possibly even Google Calendar). I've already seen some of the other Thunderbird add-ons available, and they ROCK.

(I'm having a bit of a toss-up between migrating to Thunderbird OR switching all my work emails to Gmail, but at this stage Thunderbird is ahead)

If RTM works I'll also be adding Google Gears so that I can work offline on RTM (on different machines) and it will synch both copies with my online Master RTM account.

Also thinking of re-activating my Twitter account and piping feeds to Facebook, and that incredible blog - BiPolar Etcetera. But then I'm thinking maybe I should just stick with the STATUS feature on my Facebook account, and if I get really daring I can put the Facebook Widget on said website and blog, thereby displaying my status (Twitter Style) to my millions of readers on those two of my web properties. (Incidentally Google was nuts to by Jaiku instead of Twitter - Twitter was started by the guy who started Blogger and sold it to the Big G, and we all know what a hit Blogger is :)

HEY, if any of you guys use any of the above services I'd luuurve to hear what you think.

Anyhow I gotta dash, my latest net@nite podcast awaits, and there's about 400 new RSS feeds sitting in my Google Reader account.

Yeah, life can get complicated when you're a geek...

* The more I go into Remember-The-Milk, the more I'm thinking that it's a sitting duck for a Google takeover. You saw it here first!


  1. From BPG to BPGG, BiPolar Google Geek!

  2. don't ever give up trying to find answers OUTSIDE yourself. surely, they're all there, just as you expected them to be!

    but hey, whichever way you wanna pass the time, we're all on death row here.


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