Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More than just a cup

I'll get back onto the whole "true Self" debate tomorrow, but today I've gotta say something way more important.

I've just been watching the homecoming of our world champion rugby team at Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg. I had goosebumps. Yes, and even a tear in my eye. And it wasn't about that piece of gold crockery they were carrying. It was about this beautiful, wonderful Rainbow Nation that I live in.

We've had so many problems in this country for decades and decades. And in many respects the last year or 2 have seen some of the worst problems. Many people believe that racism is actually worse now than it was in the past. These days it is just kept behind bolted doors and expressed in horrifically cruel murders.

But this morning in the airport, EVERYBODY was there (over 11 000 by some estimates). Black (the vast majority), White, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Purple. It was ONE NATION. ALL PROUD, every single one of us. Brothers and sisters - champions of the World.

And it was that, that made this morning one of the greatest moments of this country's history. Certainly one of the greatest moments in my life. That cup respresents HOPE. Hope that we can still become the great nation that we are.

I'm sorry if this sounds sappy, but you truly have to be South African, and gone through everything this country has gone through, in order to appreciate the utter wonder of this moment.


  1. I live in England and agree, South Africa has such an amazing spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is awesome. God knows there are plenty of people with plenty to feel a bit agreaved about. I was impressed at how the team hugged the president. Can't imagine that with Blair or Brown.
    My daughter teaches in a mainly Zulu school in Ladysmith and has so much hope for the next generation.
    South Afica is so beautiful and Cape Town is the most beautiful place I have ever been.I went there 18 years ago and fell in love with it. I so want to move to South Africa, life for a bipolar accountant is hard in the dark winters of northern England. Buddism does help though.

  2. Well said!

  3. There's nothing more beautiful than watching all sorts of people get along, even for one day.


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