Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Dreaming Mage

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Fellow BiPolar, regular reader (and occasional commenter) on this blog, The Dreaming Mage, passed away last week.

From what I gather he had a history of heart problems and recently participated in a BiPolar drug study. The drug precipitated a mania, and so they pulled the drug. The physical trauma led to a heart attack. You can read the full story on my old friend Raine's blog.

Mage was also a fellow blogger and I was going to provide a link to his blog, but I see it has been taken down. Probably his family did this, and I respect the decision.*

From what I knew of Mage he was not only a fellow traveller on our bipolar path, but also an incredibly warm and wise soul. Go well Mage...

*In fact, it was Mage himself that decided to close his blog -> see his sister's comment to this post.


  1. Just to let you know, Mage (Mark) made the decision to discontinue his blog a few weeks ago. He felt that while it had been extremely beneficial to him over the last few years, he was ready to spend more time living life and less time talking about it. While we knew we would miss being able to read what he was thinking about and going through, we were hoping this was an indication that he was "turning a corner" in his happiness with life. I still find myself clicking the link to check his is still a habit. Thank you for including your thoughts of him on your blog.

    J.R. (Mark's Sister)

  2. Thanks J.R. I have updated the blog accordingly.

  3. I was just going to say that- Mage had told me that he wanted to spend more time living and also he was writing a book that was close to being finished. He had however started a new blog that he had not yet felt comfortable sharing with many people. Also I do not blame the drug study nessecarily. It was one of many incidents that happened at the end of his life. Mage suffered massive damage to his heart in his previous heart attack and had congestive heart failure. It is my totally unprofessional opinion that he was stressed, he was showing signs of increasing mania, he had lost his job and was seriously panicked about his life circumstances over that and then he was booted from the drug study because of blood pressure issues which upset him further. However the main issue would that his heart was damaged and it was just a matter of time. Those are my humble thoughts on the matter.I am just heartbroken there wasnt much more time.

  4. J.R if you read the updates here and you want the link to the blog Mage had started, email me and I will send it to you.

  5. Day's done, gone the sun....
    Go well Mark, may the wonders of the universe open up in front of you.


  6. godspeed, teh Dreaming goes 0n!


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