Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday WillBeFine (WBF) left the following comment:

This is the type of crime BPG has to think about.

Yeah, I don't talk as much about crime as I could on this blog - not least because when you whinge about crime down here there is a large contingent of South Africans that decry you as being "totally negative", "anti-patriotic" and sometimes even "racist".

But I had to make some comments on this Youtube video because it strikes so close to home (PUN! PUN! PUN!) :

First, the footage was in my home town where I spent my whole life but fleed 8 years ago to Cape Town where I thought the crime was relatively less.

Second: if you watch the video and see the muggings that go on in broad daylight, can you imagine what the nights are like? One saturday night a good friend of mine was stabbed to death just round the corner from the footage scene. I was a pall bearer at his funeral. OK so he shouldn't have been wandering around that vicinity on a Saturday night to score drugz, but the fact that he was schizophrenic and bordering psychosis at the time didn't help.


  1. I can relate. Moving to Canada was culture shock and actually took some getting used to after Detroit.

    Several months after we left Detroit a friend's cousin was attending a theatre concert there and got caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting. Dead at 21, the bullet meant for someone else in the crowd. This was not an uncommon occurrence in the city, sad to say.

    Canadians, on the other hand, are always shocked to learn I've personally known five murder victims. They rarely even speak rudely to one another much less kill each other.

    We had neighbors in the U.S. who wouldn't speak to us the entire seven years we lived in the Detroit area because we were gay. Not even an acknowledgment when we would meet at adjacent mailboxes. Here nobody cares. The neighbors have us over for drinks, aren't afraid of our "effect" on their children and even shovel snow from our driveway if they're outside first.

    And nobody incessantly drones on about Jesus and religion wherever you go.

    You can walk the streets of Toronto at night without concern merely by taking normal common sense precautions.

    A different world.

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