Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Frozen music 18, originally uploaded by versionz.


  1. I can almost TASTE that. Fabulous.

    Thanks for your comments on obsession. I have actual OCD complicating my BPD. The OCD is the worst, believe it or not, as I have Type 2 BPD with hypo-mania. Unfortunately, the meds to treat both conditions are often contraindicated since any SSRI can induce full-blown mania in BPD folks. It'd be interesting to do a survey to see how many other Bipolar people suffer from mutiple disorders.

    Ain't the brain interesting?

    Happy New Year, BPG. I'm glad you're in the world.

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  3. Happy new year dude!

  4. Yep, Happy for 2008 would be good. Let the year begin.


  5. That is incredible. A burn into my eyes, very stunning.

    So much activity involved in it too - so much compared to the 'Down pic' - how tru it that?

    I love the comparison pics. Sorry 'Down' is now, after 'Happy' but pink and pretty with be back, as you know.

  6. Happy New Year, BP Guy!:)


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