Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lets play a lil' game...

So far I've spent this year (the 2008 one) deep in the doldrums. No energy; nothing interesting in the world; everything bland. So its time to dig deep into the bottom draw and drag out the last-stop remedy. It's a little game I play called: "If I won the Lotto..."

If I won the Lotto:

  • The whole NZ dilemma would no longer be such a dilemma. I'd keep my house here, plus buy a little one there and jet-set between the 2 as the will took me. I'm talking about a 2 mil dollars (US) win here (14 mil in SA Rands) not a 20 mil landfall. If it was 20 mil, I'd by 10 houses all on different continents.

  • I'd start some serious travelling, one of my greatest loves in life but one which I haven't done for about 8 years. First up I'd take Miss L and Mrs M to NZ in the first school holidays. Yeah, we've never been there even tho we're probably gonna end up living there for 40 years. I'd also hit Tokyo this year, a place I've got this burning passion to visit. Moscow, Vancouver and Sydney would also be on the cards. Plus a 2 week trip to the Kruger National Park, at the other end of South Africa.

  • I'd buy 3 laptops, one each for my sister, one for Mrs M's parents and one for BPG so he could control his biz from airports around the world.

  • Come to think of it, I'd sell my biz. If I couldn't find a buyer, I'd just put a great big "GONE FISHING" over the front page, and the pleasure in that would probably be worth the sale price. Then I'd devote the rest of my days to creative pursuits. I'd completely revamp and extend my concrete poetry website. I'd learn Swift 3d, plug it into Macromadia Flash and make all my word art 3d - so much more concrete. I'd write my second book. I'd spend way more time on photography and photoshop art.

  • I'd buy 3 of the biggest HDTV Lcd's that money could buy. One for my Dad, one for my lounge and one for my desktop cmptr, so that I had miles of digital real estate to do all my art on. Plus I'd buy one of the high-end graphic design tablets, so you could sketch straight on the screen.

  • I'd get shot of my old 1984 rust-bucket Mercedes and get Mrs M a new car. Nothing fancy, just a little Honda Jazz or something. Then I'd take her old car over. (Mrs M and I believe that big shmancy cars are wayyy over-rated.). If the money extended far enough I'd buy a BMW 1100 Enduro motorbike too, so that when really down moods came along I could jump on it, go whizzing through the mountain roads and hopefully "blast the blues" outta the way.

  • I'd get that Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair that I've been hankering after. 10 grand but WELL worth it if you spend a lot of time on yr cmptr and have neck problems as I do. Probably save a heck of a lot of money on Physiotherapist bills. But actually I'd keep the physio sessions going, cos I love them so much. The whole family (including both sets of parents would have an hour physio a week). Actually the Herman Miller is going to get purchased in the next 18 months anyway, it's just a matter of upping my profits a bit and convincing Mrs M.

  • The rest (hopefully there'd be a rest) I'd invest offshore. Certainly not in South African Rands, which I personally think have a VERY shaky future. And I'd put a small speculative investment into a regional "India" fund as I reckon they're gonna be the future powerhouse of the world economy. Everyone else thinks China, but just wait 'til a billion Indian mathematic and cmptr genuises get going...

Ahh... I'm feeling a little bit better already. Yeah, I know its selfish and materlialistic, and I still go along with what the Buddha said about "all life been suffering", but there's no doubt that bucket-loadsa cash can take some of the sting out of the suffering.

So if any of you dudes out there are suffering from post-Christmas, anti-climatic, plain ol' depression, Id highly recommend playing this little game. It's often rescued BeePeeGee.

PS: WBF - thanks for enlightening me on the French philisophers demise, I'll take it that I can safely presume he was not BiPolar.


  1. It is strange but I have never played that game and doubt that I ever will. Financial gain, windfall or earned, has never been important to me. The maxims of "The more you have the more you want/spend" and "Money has no value" keep ringing in my ears.

    I can't say whether or not the French philosopher was bipolar or not as wikipedia doesn't say but isn't there a time in all our lives when we can say that we have reached the end of the road?

  2. Hate to harp, but I really think Epicurus has something to "speak to thy condition" at this point in time. My slim, perfect-bound copy of the "Epicurus Reader" is one of the best invesments I ever made. Read correctly, he may even join the Buddha in your esteem. He's certainly got some questions to ask in the midst of your game.

  3. you forgot the part about getting on your brand spanking motorbike, having an accident, & enjoying all your lotto money like paraplegic superman.

    then you'll have a blog about if only they'd develop genetic therapy to grow your spine back!

    tralala, am i playing your game nicely or not?


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