Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reality Cheque

Conversation overheard between Sage and Student:

Sage: “My business, young student, is worth a million bucks”

Student: “But Master, how can that be? The assets are only worth 200 000 in total!”

Sage: “I’m telling you, the business is worth a million.”

Student: “Ok sure… on paper”

Sage: “Do you have your wallet, young Student?”

Student: “Yes” (taking it out his pocket)

Sage: “Do you have a 10 dollar bill?”

Student: “Yip” (taking it out the wallet)

Sage: “How much is it worth”

Student (perplexed): “Well 10 dollars of course”

Sage: “On paper…”



  1. WillBeFine01 May, 2009

    In Zimbabwe, the value of the paper is worth than the printed value on the note!

  2. WillBeFine01 May, 2009

    Let me fill in the missing word and it might make more sense!

    In Zimbabwe, the value of the paper is worth MORE than the printed value of the note.


    Money has no value. (Philosophical implications)


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