Sunday, June 21, 2009

Topamax Anyone? PART 2

Part one here

So, like I was saying... I have not taken Topamax

But upon hearing that the neurologist recommended it completely independently of the PDoc certainly warranted the further investigation of Topamax. Here's what I've gleaned:


  • Primarily an anti-epileptic (like Lamactil)
  • Used to stop tremors. Even for people with Parkinson's Disease it seems to be the number one choice for steady hands (and other limbs)
  • Used as a mood stabilizer. However, it has apparently not proved as successful as Lamictal and when I asked the PDoc if it was on the approved BiPolar chronic medication list (so that the medical plan pays for the rest of your life and not you) she said no. The only way she could ever get it on that list was if it was needed as a last resort - all other mood-stabilisers having being inaffective.
  • Used to control migraines
  • Side effect - curbs appetites. Some movie stars have allegedly used it purely for this purpose (Britney Spears amongst them)
  • Side effect - sometimes successful in combatting alcoholism. One dude in a forum described it as "instant willpower".
Pretty darn cool huh? Especially if your biggest gripes in life are:
  • hand tremors that severly handicap your all-consuming passion of photography.
  • Middle aged flab which is creeping up on you and most certainly contributes to your unhappiness.
  • Incessant debilitating headaches (maybe not migraines but a curse nevertheless)
  • Did I mention that I am bi-polar?
  • Alcoholism? No not me, but I could easily become an alcoholic if I gave myself full permission. A free boost of will-power would be most welcome, even if used for other purposes.
So here I sit, with a prescription for Topamax (an apparent wonderdrug customised especially for me) written out by the PDoc 2 weeks ago. And I havent gone to get the meds yet....

Why not?
I'll tell you in Part 3.


  1. took topomax, did nothing for me. well, gave me a gastly headache, made me stupid - like I'd forget words mid-sentence. I didn't lost weight (didn't gain any either) and most importantly it did squat for my moods. In general this is what I hear about it. It helps the rare person, but mostly people just want to take it cause it might help them lose weight.

  2. For some reason, my pdoc would not let me try Topomax? And I've been on EVERYTHING. How did it work for you?

  3. btw, i'm marsha from I'm hoping my pdoc will let me try Topomax.

  4. when I was still living in Canada I was prescribed Topamax. It messed with my short term memory, lost drastic amount of weight, couldn't sleep, and in general felt a disconnect. be very cautious with this one...


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