Sunday, December 27, 2009


A belated happy Christmas to all of those on the other end of this broadcast. And especially to WillBeFine, who, for all I know, may be my only reader.

I disappeared into the African bush for a while, but am back, with a newfound love for elephants.

You can see my full set of elephant pics here

Hoping to post a bit more often in 2010.


  1. You have at least one reader besides WillBeFine. Bloglines shows that three people subscribe to your blog. Even if one is you and the second is WillBeFine, that still leaves me.

  2. Do you think Elephants forget about Christmas?

    Best of wishes for the New Year. I hope the waters remain calm for both of us!

  3. Mark - thanks for saying Hi, and thanks for following my blog. According to feedburner I have 81 readers but I'm not sure I beleive it...

    WBF - yes, calm waters - hopefully not like the ones i just saw in the movie 2012. Although the survivors of the human race ended up in Cape Town so hopefully it'll all be OK.

    Forgot to ask the elys about Christmas, but next time I'll remember not to forget.


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