Tuesday, December 08, 2009


when stoned
never plant seeds
rather scatter them
that way the strong ones will turn up
at the right place, and right time
natural synchronicity

i have always paced
ganga picks up the pace
not sure if its a mind pace
or a body pace

suppose it depends
on the place
which depends on the space
right now...
i got an ace

in need of a reality check
but whose?
one person's reality is nobody else's reality
so you gotta go with a kind of consensus reality

which leads to:
who to include and
who not to include

-> the political deconstruction of reality

UN stuff

1 comment:

  1. Roamin' in the gloamin' on the bonnie puffs of grass
    Roamin' in the gloamin' wi' ma joint in ma hand
    When the sun has gone to rest, that's the time that I like best,
    O, it's lovely roamin' in the gloamin'!


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