Saturday, January 23, 2010

A slave to other's opinions.

With all this talk about stigma's and online identity crises, WillBeFine said in the comments:

Perhaps BiPolar Guy's difficulty is trying to ensure that other people understand BiPolar Guy correctly and put BiPolar Guy in the right pigeon hole of their minds?

WillBeFine - I've gotta share this I found the other day. It was some dude's one line bio, I think on twitter:

Love me or hate me, I don't really care. I'm sick of ruining myself to your definition.

Man, I would give anything to be able to think like that. Then I would know that I've finally arrived.


  1. A 100 years ago life expectancy was a lot less than it is now. You even have to look back 50 years to see why we have a present day pension crisis with people living longer now. I believe in our minds we have the comfort of time which makes us move slower in our personal development.

    If we could only live with the pressure of time on our backs, how different would our lives be?

  2. "Love me or hate me, I don't really care. I'm sick of ruining myself to your definition."

    I live like that these days, I wish I could use that tag line when dealing with my family. But I fear it would only start a whole new round of critisism.

    I just thank them for their advise and then go my own way! Be yourself! It's working out for me and I am starting to find new friends that think more like me and stopped forcing myself to fit in with others values.

    Try googling Joel Lamoure's, Be Yourself Often blog ;o).

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