Monday, June 14, 2010

"We had to communicate in cryptic signs"

What follows is verbatim:

From R Crumbs comic portrayal of Philip K Dick  (as in my previous blog post)

I was sitting there one day, and the Upsilon, which looks like the capital letter "Y", suddenly turned into a palm tree and then opened up the entire Mesopotamian world. 

From BiPolar Guy's book "A Branch of Wisdom

And so I ventured into ancient Byblos*... I was particularly on the lookout for the the origins of letters such as Y, as this letter seemed to be playing a larger and larger role in my life.

...It was the forked branch of the magical tree that ultimately saved Osiris. And the King of Byblos was so pleased that he commissioned the tree to be replanted in his palace garden where its forked branches could be seen by all who entered the Kingdom. 

...And the mystical tree with its magical branches must have been a symbol of great significance. Was this image of the mystical tree in the mind of the scribe that carved the letter Y?

* An ancient port falling within the borders of Mesopotamia. 

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  1. WillBeFine14 June, 2010

    I was thinking were else I have seen "Y"

    A kids catapult.
    The South African flag.
    The Czech Republic flag.
    The Philippines flag.
    Mercedes badge.
    End of a Dual Carriageway sign.
    Bicycle breaks.

    Time to build some connections!


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